Health and Motivation Tips from a World Champion Bodybuilder

If you want to be the best, you’ll want to learn from the best.

And when it comes to health and fitness, they don’t get any better than bodybuilder Phil “The Gift” Heath.

Fresh off the Mr. Olympia stage with his third consecutive win and claiming the title at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival Classic Competition in Spain, Phil shared some of his secrets to staying healthy and motivated.

And even if you’re not training for a bodybuilding contest, marathon or another competitive event, you can use these tips to get in better shape and stay focused on your goals.

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Inspiyr: Bodybuilding requires intense training & a strict diet. How do you stay disciplined?

Phil: I stay disciplined simply by having a mindset of wanting to be my absolute best on contest day. This requires me to challenge myself daily with all good and also bad circumstances throughout my life. Knowing that I am at my best when I am looking into the face of adversity gives me the edge I need.

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You’ve achieved great success in a short period of time in bodybuilding. What keeps you motivated to achieve your goals?

I try and stay positive throughout any situation whether it is life-threatening and/or life-changing. My fans, friends, family, and of course sponsors give me that added motivation to achieve greatness. Given only this one life I have, I truly believe that not one second can be wasted on being lazy, negative, and unintelligent.

Tons of Americans (& people around the world) are fatter & sicker than ever before. Why do you think that is?

I believe that many Americans, along with others around the world are sick in addition to being fat partially due to their inability to become more self-aware of their eating habits and also not participating in health & fitness.

I think that once an individual accesses their health and learns about how to properly correct their lack of [health or fitness] they can attain great results.

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Our foods are different and there are too many get quick results fast gimmicks out there that create the pitfall resulting in obesity which can be linked to many illnesses. I, being a model of health & fitness am here to give a positive perspective through my actions and words.

What are some simple things the average, health-conscious person does to be healthier, fitter, eat better?

First, learn patience as they say Rome was not built in one day. However, knowing that each step within our goal has to be extremely purposeful is the only way to achieve success.

This means, becoming a sponge for intelligence with regards to eating, training, and supplementing properly. Only perfect practice makes perfect because practicing bad habits will not yield high levels of success.

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What advice do you have for people who want to achieve their dreams, but haven’t done so yet?

Be fearless, be willing to learn, be courageous and make sure you have fun. Create a goal and see it all the way through.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

That if it was easy, everybody would be great! Live a purpose-driven life and never give up.

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You’ve conquered the basketball court and now bodybuilding. Any idea of what’s next for you, after bodybuilding?

I just hope that whatever opportunity presents itself that I am full-on ready for it! This could be acting and/or being a much more active person in my community doing larger charity projects. I really want to be remembered for my ability to connect with others, enabling them to get in shape and smile daily.

Thanks, Phil….

Featured image by Arya Ziai

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