3 Real-Life Habits Of Healthy, Happy Couples

Let’s face it: life can be utterly hectic. Sometimes you see other happy couples and wonder, what are they doing right?

In our hyper-paced society, it can be easy to lose footing in your love life. Somewhere between the 9-to-5 (more like 7-to-6), keeping up with the adventures of your friends, and taking care of day-to-day life, couples can find themselves with a wedge slowly wiggling into their relationship.

This doesn’t always happen suddenly, but over time our frenzied lifestyles can get in the way of being a healthy, happy couple.

Have no fear, though! With a bit of thought and effort, these suggestions can lead to a more balanced and blissful relationship.

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How To Be A Happy, Healthy Couple

1. Get on the same page

Many times, couples move through their relationships without discussing the future. This does not need to be the scary conversation that many build it up to be. Start by discussing goals, for each other and as a couple.

Are you looking to change jobs in the near future? Do you want to aim to take a large-scale trip together soon? How about hoping to get the household on a healthier track?

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Many times couples have drastically different hopes for the future. Unfortunately, this may not be brought to light until it is too late. Happy couples take the time to communicate their own needs and really try to understand the needs of the other person.

Whatever you have in mind, discuss it with your partner and get on track together. Communication is paramount in a healthy relationship.

2. Just the two of us

Spend time together. Step away from the television, the group dates, the kids, and aim to spend time as a happy couple.

This sounds extremely simple, but it is absolutely surprising how many people do not set aside time to explicitly spend with their partner.

At least once a month, shift outside of your routine and make sure to have a date night. See a concert, try a new restaurant, go to a museum, or have an indoor game night as a couple. Go on a romantic picnic, just the two of you. If you have more time, go on a romantic getaway. Creating new learning experiences together strengthens your bond and builds lasting happy memories.

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3. Happy couples know that it’s okay to fly solo

What do you like to do in your own time, reading books, cycling, painting, practicing yoga or gardening? If you honestly can’t remember, it’s time to find out.

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Spending time together as a couple is so important, but taking time to experience what you, yourself, enjoys is also vital to building a happy and healthy relationship with your partner.

Having your own individual interests and hobbies helps to create a more well-rounded life for both you and your partner. How fun is a conversation about your week when the two of you each experiences the exact same thing?

When a couple has individual interests, they are able to share those unique experiences and passions with one another. Part of being a happy couple is each person being able to be happy alone as well. Taking time for yourself is not selfish—it is a key to building a healthier relationship with your partner.

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The Takeaway

In the end, there is no secret recipe for the perfect relationship, but one thing is for sure. You can take steps to be a healthy, happy couple with a bit of work. Together, with your partner, align your short and long-term goals for both your relationship and lives as a whole.

Every few weeks, make sure to put the rest of your life on pause and spend quality alone time together with your partner. Lastly, don’t forget about yourself as an individual! Couples with their own hobbies and likes bring an interesting outlook to a relationship. With this, you and your partner can pave your way to a more fulfilling future.


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Erica Rimsky is an eccentric writer, travel junkie, food lover, triathlete and mom. With an undergraduate degree in public health and a master’s in education, her past teachings play a front and center role in her everyday life.  She believes that a well-balanced life is the key to all around success.

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