How to Find a Good Idea (Even If You’re Stumped) [VIDEO]

Look around you for a second. Here’s something wild: unless you’re sitting outside in the middle of the woods completely naked (which we hope you aren’t), everything around you is the result of a really good idea.

Whether it was a relatively recent idea, like the smartphone in your pocket, or a pretty old idea, like the concept of wearing clothes to keep the body warm, good ideas are what separate human beings from other species, and what make our society ever-changing.

But there’s one question we have to ponder first: where do good ideas come from? Are they created from a “eureka!” moment? Or are they comprised of a series of hunches that happen over time?

These are exactly the questions that Steven Johnson, author of Where Good Ideas Come From, tries to answer in this video, complete with incredibly amazing drawings that will blow you away.

Check it out, and be inspired to come up with your own great idea! (And put some clothes on. You’re scaring the deer.)

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