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Are You Going Through An Emotional Time?

by Kristen Fisher

Once Spring arrives, at times the new season can mean an emotional unclog where all those problems that were swept under the rug come back up.

Seasonal depression is, in fact, a real emotional process. Learning to cope with Seasonal Depression or another form of emotional distress is difficult. The biggest lesson in all of this is to not be ashamed of what you are going through.

For instance, if you’ve recently or even as far back as 3 years ago, went through heartbreak, give this video a listen:

Or finding a way to stay calm in the storm of a stressful situation:

Or even speaker Jake Tyler who discusses how to live with depression:

Why all the videos from Ted Talks specifically? Well, there have been many times where a Ted Talks speaker have pinpointed exactly the cause or situation as to what I have been dealing with. Ironically, enough the first video with Guy Winch about fixing a broken heart hit home early this month. After figuring out how love and a broken heart can go hand in hand with addiction, wildly blew my mind. Afterward, all the dots began to connect and things started to make sense.

Then finding out we are not at the mercy of our emotions, it’s actually our brain set to create them:

However, the world’s biggest culprit is loneliness:

Knowing there are reasons, situations, and probable causes for the way you feel emotional should give you a sigh of relief. Although, saying it is easier… well, said than done it’s good to know. Collecting information about these subjects can offer a sense of ease.  TED Talks somehow became a beacon of light in an ocean of unreasonable thoughts.

The questions “how are you feeling today” or “how does that make you feel” can seem obsolete after being asked so many times. Take a break from others and indulge in a dose of wellbeing with these videos.

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