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Letting Go Of Your Fear

by Kristen Fisher

We recently posted a blog that mentions Gabby Bernstein, however, this is a little more in-depth about the entrepreneur who is changing the landscape of… well everything. And with that, we have a big question… how does one let go of fear?

How to introduce you to Gabby Bernstein, her book ‘Spirit Junkie’ made waves with individuals looking for a way to address their life. More so, the ego. Now I know this sounds a bit far-fetched but, after reading “Spirit Junkie” things started to make sense. Moreover, it’s about doing things in your life because it’s what is expected. This can be based on social norms and habits. Which would be the ego taking over. Instead of following what your heart truly wants to do in this life. In this self-care 101, learn to put the phone down for a second, breathe, acknowledge your current reality and how to release your fear. Because in the end fear ultimately controls the life we lead.

Yeah, it’s quite the emotional roller-coaster if you allow yourself to jump on board. But, that’s what 2018 is all about!

This fear could be attributed to your job, significant other, how you view yourself, or how you feel others view you. The list continues and seemingly spirals out of control. This is essentially when the ego comes into play. Rattling the negative thought cage (so to speak) based on fear.

Whether spiritual or self-help “things” are out of the normal for you, first off, do not be ashamed if you feel like a little guidance is needed. Because that’s a major contributing factor right there, the option when it comes to asking for help. No shame should be tied to that notion ever.

Books by Gabby Bernstein include:

Judgement Detox

The Universe Has Your Back

Miracles Now

May Cause Miracles

Spirit Junkie

Add More ~Ing To Your Life


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