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6 Fun-Runs Foodies Will Love

by Michael Pascual
fun run, food lovers, krispy kreme

The fun run craze has been sweeping the planet, promoting exercise, well-being, group fitness and fun. A select group of fun-runs, however, also promote a bulging waistline. And, well, if you’re going to over-indulge in sugary snacks or alcohol, I guess there’s no better time to do it then when you’re burning loads of calories with friends.

fun run, food lovers, krispy kreme

So whether you love sweets, snacks, or a little “buzz” here are 6 fun runs for the food-lover in you.

1. Krispy Kreme Challenge

Held annually in Raleigh, North Carolina, the Krispy Kreme Challenge is a test of “physical fitness and gastrointestinal fortitude.” The race is 5 miles and must be completed in one hour.

The catch is that runners must eat 12 glazed doughnuts during the course of this run. The long distance, the time limit, and the effects of over 2,400 calories of sugary doughnuts combine to make this run more difficult than anything you’d associate with pastries.

2. Hot Chocolate 5K/15K

America’s Sweetest Race is held all over the country and lets people choose just how much running they care to do. Partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities, over 200,000 people have participated in this run.

All participants receive a goodie bag with their race packet and the race after-party is highlighted by mugs of hot chocolate and other treats.

3. Twinkie Run

The Twinkie Run has quickly become a novelty since Hostess closed its doors in late 2012. Hosted by A2A3, a charity that uses endurance sports to fundraise for ALS treatments, the annual April Fool’s Day Twinkie Run is held in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Twinkies and other stuffed treats, many of them homemade, are sold before, during, and after the 5K run. All of the proceeds go towards ALS research and patient care.

4. The Chocolate Race

For those who love to sweat and satisfy their sweet tooth, there are few better places than The Chocolate Race at Niagara Falls. The race is open to all levels of runners, with 5K, 10K, and 10-mile courses available, as well as mini-tracks for children. During and after the race, expect to indulge in every kind of chocolaty good imaginable, including a post-race cool down with chocolate milk.

5. Tap ‘N’ Run

Rapidly expanding from its Midwestern roots, Tap ‘N’ Run is a 4K (2.5 mile) social race that emphasizes fun. Each kilometer marker has a “beer chug” station where participants are given 6oz. of beer. Upon finishing, everyone is given a full 12oz. beer, a t-shirt, and a medal that doubles as a bottle opener. The after-party includes such outrageous contests such as “Best ‘Stache” and “Best Belcher.”

6. Marathon du Medoc

How does this sound: trekking 26.2 miles of the gorgeous countryside of Southern France, running past green fields, low rolling hills, classical chateaus, and local vineyards. Beautiful Mediterranean weather is almost guaranteed in this late-Summer expedition. What could possibly be better?

How about all of the above while sampling some of the finest French wine available at every mile marker! This is the concept of the Marathon du Medoc, a regular full-marathon sponsored by several major wine companies.

The Finish Line

There are few things more fun than running while stuffing your face and getting a buzz, so grab some running shoes, friends, your appetite, and go for it!

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