6 Ways You Can Find Inspiration Even When Times Are Hard

There may come a time when things are quite challenging. Just remember, it happens to all of us at some time or another, and that time will pass.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to remember that it will, indeed, pass.

When you look around for someone to talk to and there is no one to be found, true, it can be discouraging, and you might be tempted to give up.


But don’t! In reality, the truth is that we are surrounded by opportunities for inspiration, and this is nothing less than magnificent. It’s up to us to see it and use it as fuel.

Inspiration comes in so many forms, but it can be difficult to see when our vision is clouded by adversity. We neglect to appreciate it when we are hurting.

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See, what’s important isn’t the question of who or what will inspire you. Allow it to happen naturally, and you’ll begin to see and feel more as time progresses.

Look around, serenely breathe, and accept this fact: being inspired is a beautiful way to refresh your heavy spirit. It lends a way for you to remove negative energy and focus on something positive or beneficial to your personal progress.

Okay, so where is that amazing inspiration when you’re going through a difficult time? Here’s how to tap in.

How To Be Inspired During Dark Times

1. Keep things in perspective

Remember that regardless of how difficult things may be for you, there is someone that is going through something even worse, but they keep fighting, even when it seems impossible.

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For example, the hospitals are filled with children that didn’t ask for their pain, but they fight even when their parents know the fight is already lost.

2. Don’t forget to help others

If you lend your energy to helping someone else resolve his or her problems yours will begin to diminish. Giving of yourself can help you remove negative emotions.

3. Spend time in nature

When you take in some of the natural beauty of the landscapes around or near you, it will allow you to connect to your creativity more freely. Absorb the beauty and all the details of it.

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4. Notice the little things

Don’t let yourself become so jaded that you don’t notice the beautiful things that are happening around you. When someone tries to help you with beautiful uplifting words, for example, don’t fight them; absorb them for all of they are worth.

5. Look to someone who inspires you

Is there someone who you can identify with who is really inspiring to you? Take a page from someone you know personally or have seen in the media. Find something or someone that motivates you to keep on going and rolling with the punches.

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6. Share your experiences

Whether in written or spoken form, share your inspirational stories of how you overcame something and inspire others. Instead of waiting to be inspired, share it. It will come back to you like a boomerang!

 The Takeaway

Even when times are tough, you can see the inspiration around you. You just need to open your eyes to it and let it fill you up so your dark times won’t drag you down. Remember: this will pass, and life is a beautiful thing.


marala scott in colorMarala Scott is a multi-award winning author, inspirational speaker, leadership advocate, humanitarian and Oprah Ambassador of Hope who has taken her prolific life story and written about it in the groundbreaking book In Our House: Perception v Reality (Premier Digital).

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