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The Top 4 Ways To Live A Fearless Life

by Jamelle Sanders

This year is moving so quickly: it seems just yesterday that everyone was celebrating the New Year.

The sad truth is that by now, most people have totally forgotten their resolutions and returned to life as normal. Others are in panic as they realize that they have made no progress towards their goals.

However, most people never stop to realize that the thing that is really holding them back in life is fear. Fear is the greatest enemy to your future and your fulfillment.

If you do not confront fear in your life it will cost you your future. Here are a few lessons for living fearless in 2015.

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How To Live Fearlessly This Year

1. Make the choice to live a fearless life.

I believe that everything in life is about choices. I came to a point in my journey where I was tired of living in cycles of fear and failure. In that moment, I chose to live a fearless life.

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While that decision encompassed lots of work, I would rather live in faith than fear any day. You will never have what you want in life until you make the decision to win the war on fear.

2. Create a fearless environment.

I believe that your environment creates your experiences. We often choose the comforts of today over the change of tomorrow. You have to create an environment that challenges fear. 

How exactly do you do that? By creating the conditions that you want to see in your life. You guard your atmosphere and refuse to grant anything access that threatens your advancement. You create a faith-charged atmosphere.

Surround yourself with possibilities that propel breakthrough. Atmospheres speak to us, and they will either illuminate your vision or imprison your vision. Charge your environment for change.

3. Cultivate a fearless mentality.

After your have created the right environment, you have to reprogram your mind to embrace this new way of thinking. Our fears grow because we feed them. Our fears start out being miniature; however, over time, they’re magnified because we continue to obsess over them. The thing we fear grabs ahold of us and gridlocks our lives.

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Just as we ruminate about our fears, we can think about our futures. You can replace thoughts of fear with thoughts of faith. You don’t have to be defeated. You can make a decision to live a life of victory.

Your environment shapes your belief, but it does not have to poison it. You can program thoughts of success and prosperity into your mind. When you stop negotiating with fear, it will no longer be a factor for you.

4. Conquer fear once and for all.

Fear will show up in your life on many occasions because you’re human. In fact, every time you are ready to go to the next level in life you will have to confront fear.

When fear rears its ugly head, you must respond with faith. You cannot respond with what has not taken up residence on the inside of you. If you have not fed your faith, fear will show up in your moment of crisis. Fear is an emotion that grows into a reality, and it cannot become real without your permission.

The Takeaway

Stop permitting things in your life to sabotage your potential. When fear shows up in your life let faith secure the victory for you. When faith is cultivated fear ceases and you are empowered to step into your future. Live a fearless life and find fulfillment in 2015!


Jamelle SandersJamelle Sanders is the CEO of Jamelle Sanders International and is committed to empowering entrepreneurs and leaders to live up to their true potential and to profit wildly in their businesses. Jamelle is a life coach, author, leading empowerment specialist and highly respected thought leader. Jamelle has successfully empowered leaders and entrepreneurs around the world to succeed in business and in life.

Photo by Hannah.Moulds


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