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Facial Yoga

by Kristen Fisher

Have you spotted a rapidly building trend about facial yoga? According to researchers, facial yoga can help a woman de-age about two years. The study conducted in 2013 has shown mass improvement. Dermatologists have jumped on the bandwagon for facial yoga.

The main age group was middle-aged women who attempted to do the study to prove a vast improvement in elasticity. Because this regimen is a non-toxic alternative, dermatologists approve of this yoga technique.

Of course, these exercises utilize the muscles we tend to neglect. Plus it will take a number of weeks before improvements will be noticeable, this can be from making an individual with hollow looking cheeks appear fuller. This is a result of allowing more circulation throughout the fatty tissue within the cheeks. Typically the main exercise consists of making a long “o” face, a fish face and puffing out the cheeks.

Yet, a big question remained… what about wrinkles? Can certain movements cause wrinkles? Shockingly, no. Most likely, these facial exercises are only held for a minute, no longer. When the muscle is being rebuilt as aging occurs, fat cell layers attribute towards a skin drooping effect. As if gravity has taken hold! To improve a firmer looking face, building muscle is the key!

Video Tutorials to Attempt

One individual by the name Gary Sikorski who has introduced “Happy Face Yoga”.

Below Youtube user, Fumiko Takatsu has created video tutorials based on facial yoga.


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