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4 Fun Ways to Exercise on Your Way to Work

by Megan Breinig
bike to work commute

Lack of time, work, and life’s daily commitments are all common excuses people use for skipping their workouts. Well those won’t work anymore! Here are 4 fun ways to exercise while you’re on your way to the office.

bike to work commute

1. Bike to work

Although 41 percent of commute lengths are under a 5-mile distance, less than one percent of American adults bike to their jobs! A 30-minute bike ride to the office could knock out the recommended minimum daily cardio and eliminate traffic stress. If your commute is too long for a bike ride then try biking for daily errands.

2. Use your Chevro-legs and Lambro-feeties

Put on some athletic shoes and go! Running is a great way to get a cardio workout, and minimize your carbon footprint. While running may not be the quickest method of transportation, running to and from work, or just to your favorite lunch spot can squeeze in some daily cardio. If your commute is longer than a few miles, take public transit to a stop near your office and jog the rest of the way.

3. Work Out While You Drive

Now, I’m not going to tell you to whip out weights or do P-90X while you are operating an automobile. In fact, please don’t! However, you should make it a habit to exercise at stoplights. Rebecca Morgan, certified personal trainer says you can work in some mini-exercises when your car is stopped. “Try squeezing your abs when you’re at a stoplight, or you could even stretch. Stretching is important because it helps blood circulation,” says Morgan.

4. Parkour to Your Door

Parkour, or “free-running”, is an activity that includes running, jumping, and climbing over and around obstacles. Park your car away from the office and let loose! Doing parkour on your way to the office can be a fun hobby and great workout to kick-start or end your day. It’s important that you’re in the right shape to do parkour; make sure you don’t have any injuries or health issues before you engage in this or any exercise.

Check out this video to see parkour in action:

If doing extreme parkour moves isn’t quite the thing you can also park your car away from the office and do deep lunges or jog to the door.

The Takeaway

Stop using excuses for not exercising daily. There are many quick ways you can multitask and exercise on your way to work. And if you aren’t able to work out before or after your work-day, you can always do some exercises at your desk while you’re on the job.

Photo by: jesse.millan

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