Dr. Richard (Kyo) Mitchell

Dr. Richard Kyo Mitchell

Dr. Richard (Kyo) Mitchell, DAOM, LAc is currently an assistant professor in the School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Bastyr University and a Clinical faculty member at Bastyr Center for Natural Health. He completed his residency at Bastyr Center for Natural Health from 2000-2002, an internship with Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center from 2004-2005, and several summer internships with Shu Guaguang Hospital in Shanghai, China focusing on soft tissue/sports injuries and internal medicine. The focus of Dr. Mitchell’s doctorate was oncology/cancer support, but he also focuses on difficult and hard-to-treat medical conditions including long-term soft tissue injuries, and chronic, difficult-to-treat pathologies including fibromyalgia and autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Mitchell believes that modern medicine has made great strides with the biochemical perspective, and he also sees traditional Chinese medicine as being based upon the biophysics of the body. His goal is to understand and apply biophysics in order to safely and more effectively treat patients while integrating traditional Chinese medicine with other forms of medicine.

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