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Dr. Carol Morgan

by Dan Cassidy

Carol Morgancarol morgan is the editor of, and a Professor at Wright State University. She is also a motivational expert on the TV show ‘Living Dayton,’ the host both ‘A Better Me TV’ & ‘A Walk On The WOO Side’ video web shows, video expert for, trained hypnotherapist, keynote speaker, and the author of several books including Radical Relationships: A Guide for Repairing, Letting Go or Moving On.

Dr. Carol has taught thousands of people many life-changing strategies in her classrooms, seminars, books, e-courses, articles as well as on the radio and television. She has also spent many years presenting her research at professional conferences as well as doing training for the general public and many kinds of organizations – from network marketing companies to hostage negotiation teams.

You can follow Dr. Carol on Facebook or Twitter.

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