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The Disney Guide To Living An Awesome Life

by Sammy Nickalls

Did you grow up watching Disney movies?

I certainly did. And after watching them at an older age, I’ve noticed a few things.

Besides a few obviously inappropriate adult jokes that totally went over my head, there are some fabulous lessons to be learned.

Let’s run through them, shall we?

What Disney Can Teach Us About Life

1. First of all, be health conscious! 

health conscious

…well, maybe not that health conscious.

2. Just remember that on your path to fitness, you might hit some…obstacles. 

falling treadmill

working out

3. And while it’s always important to strive towards being healthy, remember to always love your body.

love your body

4. Work hard doing something that you love. 

all I wanna do is the thing i love

Why would you want to live your life any other way?

5. Always be eager to learn. 

Belle and her books, man.

6. Be persistent, and don’t lose faith.

Even Hercules needed to work for what he got!
always be persistent

7. Dream big…

dream big
8. …because with a little teamwork, you can do anything. 
(Well, not if you’re a villain.)

9. But remember: it’s important to relax sometimes.

Good to kick back

10. Greet everyone with a smile on your face… 


11. …and always see the good in them. 

and i love you

12. Sometimes, though, you’ve gotta stand up for yourself with some sass.  

how to give some sass

13. And remember: relationships, both romantic and platonic, can be very confusing sometimes.

relationships are complicated

14. But try to remember that everyone makes mistakes. 

 hes a guy

(Some more than others. Just kidding, gentlemen.)

15. And remember, you have your faults too. 

acknowledge your faults
(But don’t be afraid to own ’em!)

16. Heck, Disney even taught us about politics! 

authority should derive

17. Speaking of politics, when people start to get a little too heated, Disney taught us to handle it with grace:

change the subject

“Guys, let’s stop screaming about foreign relations and start talking about…puppies.”

18. After all, sometimes, life is awkward…


19. …and even terrifying.  

start panicking

20. But we’ve always got to embrace the great times…

best day ever

21. …and keep our spirits up during the hard times, even when we feel like we’re going to break.  

keep your chin up

22. Because remember…

sometimes the right path is not the easiest one

Grandmother Willow knows all.

23. And that’s why we’ve got to take a deep breath…

tough love

24. …and stop being negative.  

with that attitude

Take a page from the llama’s book.

25. Try to always see everything from a new perspective. 

see things from new perspectives

(Maybe don’t try to talk to woodland creatures, though.)

26. Stick to your loved ones…

youuu and meee
27. …because they’ve always got your back.

with you to the end

28. (Even when you drive them crazy sometimes.)

appreciate what I go through

29. And when you accomplish your dreams (because you will!), they’ll say: 

knew you had it in you

Sammy Nickalls
Sammy Nickalls is the former content manager of and is a freelance writer for various sites, including HelloGiggles, YourTango, Quickbooks, and TWLOHA. Follow her on Twitter @sammynickalls.

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