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How To Combat Illness While Traveling

by Kristen Fisher

Travel and illness go hand in hand. How many times have you been on the road or traveling by plane and within a three-day span the flu comes knocking? Is there anything to be done? Ways to prevent? Like all good things having a set list of ingredients to combat the onset of getting sick while traveling is necessary.

Take Your Herbs With You

By all means, you can pack your vitamins but, also pack those herbs.  Andrographis paniculata has been known to treat urinary infections and bacterial infections. This bitter spice has been studied to show an improved immunity of an individual who suffers from respiratory infections too.

A great herb to have on a hand (especially if you intend on trying a new restaurant) oregano, ginger, and peppermint will help settle that upset digestive track.

Do Not Ignore Symptoms

Before traveling, if symptoms start to show… postpone traveling if possible. This alone can save a multitude of days spent in misery. However, sometimes we have to travel for business, so postponing is looked down upon. If, this is the case, check your insurance coverage when it comes to domestic and international traveling. This is a cautious move when it comes to needing medical assistance while traveling.

Movement Keeps You Healthy

Walking around the city, yoga, or exercise of some sort will help fight off impending travel illnesses.  We would all like to lounge around for an entire week, but, be sure to clock in some yoga or low cardio action. Cardio helps our immunities to stay in shape and traveling can be a bit hazardous on that front. There’s a lot of waiting around, so take that little extra time to jog in place or stretch.

Pack Vitamins

This is an easy one… to forget. As a last minute check, pack some vitamins you nearly take at home. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you get a back seat to when it comes to the flu.

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