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How You Can Boost Energy Naturally by Eating the Right Foods

by Megan Breinig

Do you get tired every afternoon? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Fat and carb-heavy lunches, combined with little rest and long to-do lists can lead to heavy eyelids for even the most energetic of us.

We spoke with “Rogue Nutritionist” Jonny Bowden about foods that boost energy naturally. He gave us his top three foods that can help you ditch your 5th cup of coffee and instead give you the natural kick you need.

Foods that naturally boost energy

Foods That Boost Energy Naturally

1. Tuna Fish

According to Jonny, tuna is a great food to boost energy. Tuna contains tyrosine which is a precursor to dopamine. Dopamine is similar to adrenaline, and its regulation plays a part in our mental and physical health.

Dopamine affects the body’s brain process that controls movement, emotional response, and ability to experience a pleasure.

So the next time you’re exhausted and need a quick pick me up, try cracking open a can of tuna or head to your local sushi joint for a taste of the good stuff.

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2. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate and foods that contain high levels of dark cocoa are not only terrific for heart health and blood pressure, but they can also give you a quick energy boost.

According to Bowden, dark cocoa is the most concentrated natural source of a mild stimulant called Theobromine, which is similar to caffeine.

Try it for yourself; bring a bar of dark chocolate (look for all-natural, non-candy-coated) to the office and snack on it during a quick break when you’re feeling drained.

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3. Green Tea

Green tea is a natural and healthy option for a morning or afternoon energy boost. According to Bowden, unlike energy drinks or coffee, green tea contains Thianine, a relaxing proponent that eliminates the jitters.

You can brew a cup of green tea and drink it hot, or have it iced to cool down in the summer.

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So the next time you’re feeling drained and don’t want to get cracked-out on caffeine or artificial stimulants, brew some green tea and let the energy flow….

The Take Away

The next time you are feeling tired, make yourself a chocolate tuna fish sandwich for lunch and chase it down with some green tea. Okay, maybe not all together, but try any of these top-three foods to boost energy naturally without the nasty side effects or jitters from artificial stimulants.

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