4 of the Best Natural Sunscreens for Men

Sunscreen Is Important to Protect Yourself from the Sun; Make Sure You Find the Right One


Natural sunscreen offers the best of both worlds when it comes to sun protection; it will block harmful rays while doing so without the toxic chemicals found in most conventional sunscreen products. The Inspiyr team reviewed the best natural sunscreen for men and offer the best of the best here.

Best Natural Sunscreen for Men


thinksport is on a mission to provide alternative products to consumers who don’t want to sacrifice safety for effectiveness. Their thinksport safe sunscreen is one of the best products we’ve tried. The sunscreen goes on smooth, is not greasy, and doesn’t leave any white film that we found with some of the other natural sunscreen products we tested. Purchasing from these guys provides the added feel-good benefit of helping the LIVESTRONG mission in their fight against cancer. 

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Elemental Herbs creates organically grown, plant based products that smell good, feel good and actually work. We loved their Sunstick sunscreen, which went on smooth, didn’t leave a white residue, and protected us from the sun for hours. The container makes it easy to for travel, and is perfect for applying to areas where you need to be extra careful, specifically your face.




Ecological Skin creates 100% natural sunscreen that is safe and very effective. It went on smooth, didn’t leave any white residue and kept us protected from the sun for most of the afternoon. You can buy the sunscreen here or at several national healthy retail chains including WholeFoods Markets.



Badger Balm creates a wide range of natural products from hand lotion to insect repellent to sunscreen. Their Sport Sunscreen is unscented and was very effective at blocking the sun’s rays. Designed for outdoor athletes who need the ultimate in sun protection, this stuff didn’t let the rays through at all. The superior protection comes at a price though; no matter what we did, the lotion left behind a white streak behind. If you’re doing outdoor sports and want a safe healthy sunscreen, this is a great bet, but if you’re going to be in a public area just lounging you may want to stick with a sunscreen that is less visible.

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