10 Surprising Benefits of Having ADHD

Does ADHD make your day a struggle? It doesn’t have to; ADHD can be a blessing in disguise.

benefits of adhd

People with ADHD may have never realized that many of the difficulties they face can actually be beneficial. All it takes is a little self-knowledge and understanding of ADHD.

ADHD expert and author of “Movers, Dreamers, and Risk-Takers: Unlocking the Power of ADHD” Kevin Roberts states that while the mind of those with ADHD works differently than normal, that “this ‘different’ brain often has unique strengths and aptitudes that, with proper mentoring and guidance, can be used to great effect.” He goes on to state these 10 surprising facts about people who have ADHD.

10 Surprising Facts About People With ADHD

1) Many ADHD’ers are millionaires

2) Artists, musicians, actors, and athletes often have ADHD

3) ADHD people can have a very high IQ

4) ADHD people thrive on intensity

5) ADHD is not a sickness, it is about uniqueness in the brain

6) Many ADHD’ers start their own businesses

7) Bad parenting does not cause ADHD

8) ADHD people are not lazy

9) When ADHD people find their passion, they are unstoppable

10) ADHD people are high energy, fun, and make life more exciting

These are all important facts to remember if you have ADHD because, according to Roberts “the biggest difficulty, bar none, is the damage to self-esteem.”

How to Use ADHD to Your Advantage

People with ADHD can do anything they want if they put their mind to it, but they often do not perform well with traditional methods. This can cause self-doubt when all they really need to do is approach things in a different way. By learning more about ADHD, people can work to get the most out of the benefits ADHD truly does offer. ADHD does not have to cause limits in life – quite the opposite, it can empower people to do more than they could ever imagine.

According to psychiatrist and ADHD expert Dr. Kenny Handelman, “People with ADHD have quick-thinking brains. When they get the negative symptoms out of the way, they can often benefit from the creative, out-of-the-box thinking”. Some of the symptoms of ADHD can actually be put to positive use if controlled correctly. Dr. Roberts agrees, stating that “ADHD behaviors are extreme forms of traits that have great utility.”

By learning to utilize these traits you can make ADHD a blessing, not a curse. Here are the top 3 to focus on:

Inattention: Inattention is simply an overabundance of creative thinking. When you are not paying attention you are actually thinking about other, new ideas or looking at things from a different angle.

Hyperactivity: People spend hundreds of dollars each month on coffee, energy drinks, energy shots, and other artificial ways of boosting their energy. Those with ADHD have a natural overabundance of energy which, when managed correctly, can help them get far more done in a shorter period of time.

Impulsivity: Those with ADHD can manage their impulsiveness by really thinking through choices and avoid freezing up when they need to make a critical decision.

The Takeaway

ADHD magnifies many traits that can be great strengths when managed properly. Learn how to use the benefits of ADHD to your advantage, and don’t let anything stop you in life.

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