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7 Simple Ways To Become A Morning Person (Even If You’re Not Right Now)

by Audra Dittlinger

Does it drive you crazy when that annoying co-worker comes into the office way too chipper first thing in the morning?

Do you require a coffee I.V. before beginning your morning routine?

Do you want to throw conveniently placed household items at your dogs when they wake you up at the crack of dawn?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, it’s likely because you just aren’t a morning person.

morning person

It’s ok—there are plenty of us out there.

There are a few tricks, though, to attempt to re-train your body into becoming a morning person. If these tricks don’t work for you, no worries…this list can still train you into faking it!

How To Be An Early Bird (When You’re Really A Night Owl)

1. Drink a full 8 oz glass of water as soon as you wake up.

Studies conducted have shown that the boost of energy you get from waking up and drinking an ice cold glass of water daily will not only burn calories, but help to kick start your metabolism.

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After all, if you’ve just slept for eight hours, that means you haven’t drank water in eight hours, either. Our bodies need to rehydrate!

Your mood will instantly improve after drinking the water, and you’ll be ready to tackle the day.

2. Get more sleep.

It seems obvious, but the more rested we are, the easier it is to get up in the morning. It’s fact.

If you are a night owl and struggle with getting to bed at a good time, retrain yourself into going to bed earlier and earlier, until you finally are falling asleep at the optimal time for you.

3. Morning sex!

What better way to start off your day on a good note?

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Together or alone, whatever floats your boat…but if you start the morning off with a “bang,” it’ll improve your overall mood, and you’ll feel much more relaxed and happy throughout the day.

4. Take your shower or bath the night before.

This one really depends on the person. If you rely on a shower in the morning to wake you up, this one probably won’t work for you.

But if you find that you’re hitting the snooze button 6 times before you get up, which ultimately cuts into your bathing time, then you’re the ideal candidate.

Take your shower (or aromatherapy bath!), wrap up in your towel, and climb in bed. The warmth and moisture of your body creates a sauna in your towel, and in your sheets…carrying you away to dream land.

5. Download a sleep aid app on your smart phone.

The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is a great start, if you’re looking to adopt technology into your sleep cycles. The app wakes you up with soothing, quiet tones, at your lightest sleep state.

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The tones gradually get louder, to wake you up much more gently than the normal alarm tones. It also tracks sleep patterns, REM cycles, and offers feedback on how to improve your sleep experience.

6. Have a routine.

Have your clothes laid out and ready for the next day before bed. Have your lunch packed and prepped to go straight into the lunchbox.

Make it a habit of keeping your keys by your bedside, so you know where they are in the morning (this is also a good idea if you live alone—have the panic button right next to you in case you hear an intruder. This has saved lives!).

Whatever your morning routine is, try to incorporate as much of it into the night before.

7. Don’t procrastinate.

If you’re sitting on the couch at 11 pm, and you think to yourself, “Nah, I’ll do it in the morning,” you’re probably setting yourself up for failure, unless you’re actually a morning person.

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On your way to bed, get your tasks done, then hit the sheets. You’ll be happy in the morning that you took that extra 15 minutes the night before to load up the car and have your outfit picked out.

The Takeaway

While there is no one successful way to retrain your body (or brain) into becoming a morning person, there is hope! The one thing that we all tend to want and need is more sleep. The easiest way to avoid the doomsday of morning is to get enough rest so that when morning comes, you are a pleasant human being, prepared to join the living.

And remember…if none of this works and you’re still not a morning person, hunker down and pray for daylight. The rest of us will steer clear of you until at least 11:00 am.

AudraAudra Dittlinger is a contributor for, as well as a full-time working mom living in rural Indiana. She is an insurance professional with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She writes to create, inspire, and empower.

Photo by HawBone

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