Trends That Will Make For A Healthy 2018

A new year means new trends. So, what are the supposed trends for 2018? Nothing but, the best for your skin and health. Skincare is at the forefront of 2018, especially protecting your sky from pollution, UV rays, the harsh blue light from phones, laptops, and tablets.

Or how longevity is the new anti-aging. No, this is not primarily about getting rid of frown lines or wrinkles anymore. This is about “health span”, scientists are looking towards an individuals cell vitality levels. For instance, you’ve probably seen those “23andme” commercials, right? “23andme” can show what type of health ailments you may suffer from later in life.  This is were Telomeres come in and they are gaining a much-needed look. As scientists have discovered that Telomeres are attached to our DNA strands. These strands can be turned back to form the anti-aging process.

Activewear along with proper exercise routines are a big trend for 2018. Matter of fact, being generally healthy was a prominent component towards the middle to end of 2017. The biggest obstacle is finding activewear that’s breathable and moves with your body. Right now activewear is hitting the fashion scene and getting a makeover, a neutrally toned makeover. Expect tones to meld with a simple Feng Shui decor.

Also maintaining a good metabolism rate has been on the trend radar. To do so training in high-intensity intervals throughout the week is a good start. Along with certain foods such as avocado, lentils, drinking green tea, fresh spinach, cinnamon, wild-caught salmon, coffee, chilies, coconut oil, and almonds help to boost your metabolism. It’s suggested that one of those foods or drinks listed should be consumed every day.

And the big one that has high-end cosmetic brands rethinking their queues. The “no makeup” look is now packing a punch, companies like Lawless and Velvet has unveiled bold lip colors and color-matching foundation that brings out your natural qualities. This is not only a slap in the face for brand names but, they are going to have to start jumping on the bandwagon, and soon.

What trends will you be actively a part of?

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