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Why Is Astrology Big This Year?

by Kristen Fisher

We are only 19 days into the new year and astrology has been making a name for itself. More so than usual. For some reason, millennials are dialing towards their rising sign. Seeing how life could turnout this week or the next.  However, this could be because the “high vibe” lifestyle is issuing a reassurance with meditation. Combining an astrology and new age essence. More and more people are looking into their own birth chart, especially the millennial-aged individuals just for a sense of understanding. This could be because the internet has become a counter-culture movement on its own.

Millennial Astrology Movement

Although this generation is treating astrology like memes. This is the current “it” subject nearly everyone (even individuals who will not admit to it) has become a part of. Whether you realize it or not.  Should this be considered a “hipster” movement… even though this is not meant to discredit any person. Especially someone who avidly works to create these detailed horoscopes. Matter of fact, millennials may be more interested in astrology because of the research and endless depths of knowledge attached to reading birth charts.

Recently, I have even dived into my own. It’s safe to say, astrology chart is a similar equivalent to falling into a 3-hour Youtube video watching hole. Nonetheless, there are interesting components to the whole movement.

The biggest answer may be simple, individuals who are falling further into the horoscope world might be searching for a coping mechanism. Since horoscopes combine personality traits, challenges, karma induced accidents, relationships, etc.

The video below may help depict what’s happening:

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