The Art of Staying Young At Heart

Grandparents, parents, and friends have all had different opinions when it comes to staying young at heart. But, what about the younger generation where some individuals do nothing but work, work, and work. Leaving little to no time for themselves, let alone any self-care activities. What could we put together to ensure these acts of self-investment could brighten their day. Or keep their hearts young?

Turn Fear Into Love

Queue the cheesy monologue, yes, we get it. “Turning fear into love” sounds like something you would have heard in a Disney film. But, face it, Disney films usually hit the morals on the spot.

When it comes to self-judgment or judgment of others, we forget that fear is a leading cause. Fear can transform a fun day into a nightmare in mere seconds. From hearing any unsettling news, or finding out your funds are a bit lower than suspected.

What you can do:

  • Understand your fear, why you are fearing the situation or is it the outcome?
  • Know that things tend to work out for the better
  • Allow yourself to feel the essence of fear because bottling it up helps no one.
  • Feel your fear and then release
  • Practice gratitude
  • Stay open-minded to potential
  • Opportunities that could be a blessing in disguise

A quick tip: When it comes to a situation as such, being able to help another or giving in some way can help alleviate fear.

A Good Sweat Never Hurt Anybody

Something I can still hear my own grandparents say. Exercising in some way (doesn’t matter if it’s dancing to the songs on your iPod or running to catch the train) helps out. If exercise becomes dull, switch up the routine, who said you have to have a specific way to sweat out those toxins!

Re-discover Spontaneity

Take the time to go for a walk around the neighborhood, you know, the one you’ve lived in for two years. Yet, you still have no idea what’s in that corner shop. Take the dirt path every once in a while to re-discover your adventurous side.


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