Is The Aftermath of Mercury Retrograde Affecting You?

Hahahaha…  mercury retrograde is not completely over. Not until May, 3rd.

Yes, mercury retrograde officially ended on April 15th, however, the “shadow period”afterward can last for two more weeks. Don’t panic (famous words from Douglas Adams). Effectively the meaning behind mercury retrograde’s shadow period is where the strenuous pass three weeks through us into a whirlwind. Whether it’s been financial, relationship troubles, non-stability situations, and the list continues. These topics that have become a stronghold argument in your household will now settle slowly, and this means no running towards any new big projects.

Instead of ignoring the last few weeks where some major internal growth and self-care has been at the forefront. Mercury’s shadow inflicts a slow adjustment, by gently easing into or towards decisions. Rather acting on impulse and jumping in, this is the time to reflect, acknowledge and think before saying “yes” or “no” to any question/decision.

Whether you believe in this kind of thing or not, it does seem safe to say the majority of individuals who have been asking have felt a shift in their own personal worlds. While this falls a bit outside of our normal category for Inspiyr, it was an article that could not be passed up. Solely, based on that this entire span of time has been about growth, reflection, self-care, and internal understanding. More so than not, everyone has been experiencing a rough patch and now it’s being noticed.

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Trust me, you’ll be tired of hearing that word by the end of this article. Yet, that is exactly what is happening. None of us enjoy reflecting on a part of our lives. Especially the parts that have hit a rough patch or was duly ignored. But, the fact is this is the time where all those issues need to be addressed.

A guide to distinguish when this whole era will end, Astrostyle by The Astro Twins have calculated a variety of tables to see if you’ll be out of the shadow sooner than most: Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period


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