Why House Plants Enrich Our Daily Lives

Most individuals know that having a few plants around the house gives a genuine happy vibe. But, what else do plants provide or enrich in our daily lives?

Increased Oxygen Intake

Breath easier. Exhale even better. When humans exhale carbon dioxide in a plant-filled home, the plants will give off more oxygen. When there is clean oxygen to breathe in, you sleep better and function better.

Plants Clean the Air

Did you know? Certain plants clean the air around you. The statistics say plants clear the air up to 87% of toxins allowing for an enriched breathing experience. So, what plants can clean the air of mold spores? The spider plant, Ficus, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Bamboo Palm, and Aloe Vera.

Strengthens Focused Activity

That’s right! These little green leaves promote optimal focus. This may be down to the color green. Have you heard of color psychology? This is where individuals are affected by the colors in their environment like green promotes balance, harmony and spiritual growth. Green also promotes increased work activity which is especially welcomed by anyone who works from home.

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Lack Of Background Noise

This is a strange concept but, appears to be truthful. Plants placed around the home help to reduce any outside noise. Studies where conducted to promote this idea, and the results where significant. The leaves on plants can bounce or reflect noise. Try testing this theory in an acoustic area of your home where there are hard surfaces.

General Health Improvement

Oh yes! Between improvement based on mood and increased oxygen intake to help regulate brain function. Plants are a huge key to improving your overall health. More things to follow will be increased memory, concentration, healthy lungs, the risk of fatigue drops, dry nose and itchy throat also drop a percentage.

Dig into Horticulture therapy to try an at-home healing session when it comes to working from home, after being sick or to boost your mood.



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