6 Ways To De-stress

Stress comes in and out of our lives, however, finding ways to de-stress seems to become harder and harder to master. Everything from anxiety to stress can lead to the beginning steps of depression. Hopefully, this list will offer a few points and advice on how to live better with stress.

1.) Learning to be Idle

There is even a book called How To Be Idle: A Loafer’s Manifesto that betrays the everyday reality into sections. Sections which involves downtown, naps and meditation to simply do nothing. When we allow ourselves to enjoy doing nothing and know that whatever needs to be done that day, will eventually be finished… stress came melt away.

2.) Taking a Road Trip

Now, this may sound like you’re running away from your problems… when in fact it’s the opposite. Look at it this way, when you’re on the road for hours at a time, you are left with only yourself and your mind. Allowing copious amounts of reflection and understanding.

3.) Stop Thinking About The “What-Ifs”

What if, what if, what if… this small phrase has a big impact on what could have been. This only leaves you to dwell on the negative and eventually stress out about a situation that did not go the way you intended. Learn to let go of what could have been and embrace the experience. Try recognizing the situation, learn the lesson and grow from that experience.

4.) Find an Exercise That Works For You

Exercise can release endorphins and combat cortisol (the stress hormone). Finding an exercise routine can help and generally make you feel better day to day. This could be walking around the block, dancing around to music, going to concerts, or hitting the gym.

5.) Getting Enough Sleep

Yes, suffering from a lack of sleep can up the ante when it comes to your stress levels. Try starting out with sleeping for 9 hours a night (for one night) and allow yourself to wake up without an alarm. So this will be preferable on the weekend and if you wake up earlier or later, these times will determine how many hours of sleep you require.

6.) Making it Clear What Stresses You Out

Identifying the factors that stress you out, will save you a lot of future stress. Finding the triggers that punch the stress button on your radar can show you a way towards avoiding them. Whether it’s people, situations or something else entirely, identify your triggers.

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