5 Essential Life Skills To Master Before Living Independently

The thought of living alone can both be exciting and scary for many. Those who will finally be living independently usually wonder if they’ll be able to survive. This is why it’s crucial to develop life skills before you start a new life and create your own home. When you have the necessary skills to survive, you’ll have nothing to be afraid of.   

If you’re thinking about whether you have what it takes to live comfortably on your own, continue reading to check out some of the essential life skills you need to learn before taking a huge leap:  

  1. Preparing Meals  

While it’s more convenient for many to buy cooked food from shops or restaurants, you may end up spending too much on food in the long run. Besides, you may not find many healthy options, especially when it comes to fast food. So, it’s best to equip yourself with basic cooking and grocery shopping skills that will help you save up on food and eat healthy.  

To get started, you can list down ideas of simple but healthy meals that are reasonably priced. This way, preparing your food won’t have to be overwhelming, especially if you’re still learning basic cooking techniques.   

  1. Doing First Aid  

Learning about first aid may not be highly prioritized by many. However, doing first aid is an invaluable skill to have when you live on your own. With enough knowledge of first aid, you’ll be able to care for yourself in case of emergencies before receiving medical attention. You’ll also know whom to ask for help when needed.   

You can learn about emergency medical services available in your area, especially those for severe cases, such as a heart attack or a cardiac arrest. For instance, there are immediate response solutions at Avive.life or other sources specifically designed to improve interventions for sudden cardiac arrest. The solutions or services you’ll find online will potentially save lives and prevent symptoms from worsening.   

  1. Maintaining A Household  

You’ll have to do all the cleaning and management required to maintain a tidy and organized household when you live alone. This includes the following tasks:  

  • Cleaning the rooms  
  • Fixing damaged items or availing of repair services  
  • Disposing of garbage  
  • Managing resources, such as power and water supply  

Moreover, you’ll need to care for plants and pets if you have any. While it may seem challenging to take on many tasks on your own, it’s not impossible to learn how to do them efficiently. You can arrange a schedule for each job, so you can perform your tasks with ease.   

  1. Washing And Ironing Clothes  

Aside from cleaning the house, you’ll need to do the laundry, iron clothes, and fix your wardrobe. Having direct access to a washing machine and a dryer will make the process much easier. However, if you don’t have one, you can head to laundromats that offer affordable prices.   

Knowing how to iron your clothes is an important skill too because you need to look presentable at work, events, or special occasions. Though there may be shops that can do this task for you, you’ll save money if you’re able to do it on your own. If you’re unsure of how to carry out the task, you can look for instructional videos online that are easy to understand and follow.   

  1. Practicing Self-Care  

As simple as it sounds, practicing self-care can become challenging as well when you live alone. For instance, many people fear being alone when they get sick. However, this may be the reality for those who don’t have immediate family or friends who can help them in times of need. Hence, it’s essential to establish a self-care routine to take good care of your health and overall well-being.  

Here are some ways you can practice self-care while living independently:  

  • Make time to socialize with friends, neighbors, and family.  
  • Accept and enjoy solitude.  
  • Find a hobby you can enjoy on your own, such as creating artwork, playing musical instruments, and baking.  
  • Prioritize health, nutrition, physical activities, and recreation.  

Aside from practicing self-care, it’s vital to ensure your safety and security both at home and outdoors. You can consider the following suggestions:  

  • Choose a place with security services.  
  • Invest in a doorbell or a security camera.  
  • Have easy access to emergency contact numbers.  
  • Get acquainted with your neighbors.  
  • Use discretion online.   

These steps are necessary to live comfortably and safely on your own. Though it may take time for you to get used to a new self-care routine, you’ll have an easier time following it with experience and practice.  


For many, moving out of the family home is inevitable. Though most young adults have to do it at some point, it may take a while to learn all the necessary skills that will help them survive on their own. So, if you find the time to develop these life skills, you’ll be able to adapt to your new lifestyle and have more time to work on other aspects of your life, such as your career or relationships.   

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