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6 Ways to Turn Setbacks into Greenbacks

by Dr. Willie Jolley

Challenges with money happen to everyone at some time or another. There’s simply no avoiding it. Maybe it’s a job loss. Maybe you’ve racked up too much debt. Maybe it’s a variety of things that are going on at the moment.Whatever the case, many times the only thing standing between you and financial freedom is yourself. While life is guaranteed to throw tough times your way, you are the problem as much as you are the solution.

The next time you are struggling with your finances, here are six steps that will help you turn your setbacks into greenbacks.

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1. Make up your mind

Most people have an “I hope I can” mindset. But the person who has a made-up mind has an “I know I can! I know I will!” mindset. These are the people who seem to consistently win in life and in business. They continue to beat the odds and have one success after another. They go through a financial setback and come out on the other end better and wealthier.

Mindset impacts wealth. The good news is anyone can make the decision today to change their mindset and turn the ship around.

2. Don’t commiserate

The practice of going around talking about how bad things are to people in your network will get you nowhere. This not only adds fuel to a fire that is already raging, but it also creates a doom and gloom scenario and a victim mentality. When in the midst of a tough financial period, commiserating and focusing on how bad things are isn’t going to help you.

We can complain about the dark or we can light a candle and be a light in a dark world.  The choice is yours.

3. Don’t let your pride poison your prosperity

In order to turn your setbacks into greenbacks, you must get past your pride and make the decision that you will not let your pride poison your prosperity. Stop putting up a façade of success. Some people feel that some work is beneath them. They feel that it would bring a stigma to them if people know they were doing supposedly “demeaning” work, yet they are struggling to pay their bills.

Remember, any work that is moral and legal is honorable.

4. Never stop dreaming about tomorrow

Remember the hit movie and Broadway play Annie?  The star of the show, an orphan girl named Annie, sings a song called “Tomorrow.” In the song, she proclaims the sun will come up tomorrow. If you think about the bright tomorrows, it will take away all the tears, the pain and the sorrow of any tough financial times you are going through today.

Remember, the tears of today will be replaced by the smiles of tomorrow.

5. Speak positivity into your finances

Even when things are not going well financially, you must speak positivity into your life. I make a point to tell people to watch their language, because your language has on impact on your mindset and on the way life will respond to your situation. For instance, never say, “I am poor.” Instead, say, “I am wealthy; I do occasionally have some cash flow challenges, but they are always temporary.”

What you speak is what you attract, so speak in a positive manner and goodness will flow into your life.

6. You haven’t tried ‘everything’

Often times I talk to people who are going through a challenging financial time and they will say, “I’ve tried everything.” When I ask them if they have tried this or that, typically they will say, “No, I never thought about that.”

I recommend you sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and write at the top, “How can I make more money,” or “How can I get out of debt,” and then think of everything you can. After you have exhausted your own thinking, ask other people in your network. Keep thinking and keep looking for answers.

Trust me, you haven’t thought of everything.

The Takeaway

The bottom line is financial challenges happen to all of us.  Next time you find yourself going through one, make the decision to stay positive, stop commiserating, keep dreaming about the future and keep coming up with new ideas.  Your setbacks are opportunities for amazing comebacks, and even massive greenbacks.


willie jolley headshotDr. Willie Jolley is author of Turn Setbacks into Greenbacks and has been dubbed “America’s Comeback Guru.” He is an award-winning speaker, international bestselling author, national media personality and host of The Willie Jolley Weekend Show on Sirius XM.

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