5 Ways to Have Good Posture

Gaining good posture is one of the most underrated ways to instantly change your appearance, and in time, your health.

good posture

Standing straight and square makes you look fitter and taller (and it improves your alertness and vitality to boot). But the effects aren’t just skin deep; over time, maintaining good posture will help keep your back strong, reducing back pain and injury.

By staying active and being mindful of your form, you can convince your body that it is years younger – and your appearance will follow suit.

Here are Five Steps to Have Good Posture

1. Stand up

How’s your posture right now? Are you slouching because you feel tired at the moment? You can perk up by standing up. Your blood vessels constrict during periods of inactivity, making you look and feel tired. An active, dynamic standing posture will reinvigorate you within minutes. Try lengthening your back while you stand, as if it were being lifted by a balloon tied to the back of your neck.

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2. Try out

If standing for a few minutes puts a spring back in your step, imagine how good an hour of activity might make you feel. Trying a new physical activity, especially one that requires attention to posture, will do wonders for your bearing and give you a renewed, youthful vigor as well.

Some sure bets for posture improvement are martial arts, yoga, rowing, and even lower impact activities like figure skating and tai chi. With time and practice, that good posture you learned on the rowing machine will bloom into a body awareness that will keep you looking sharp outside the gym.

3. Tone up

Planks, sit-ups and your gym’s weight circuit can do more than just give you a killer six-pack – strengthening your core muscles will help you stay straight all day. Think of it as posture cross training. You can even get great results from basic body weight exercises like push-ups and bridging if you want to get in shape at home without any equipment.

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4. Roll out

Professional massages can peel off years

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