How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

When it comes to creating prosperity, one of the biggest challenges people face today is overcoming what I call “mind viruses” – limiting beliefs that subconsciously sabotage their efforts to succeed.

Religion brainwashes you that you’re not worthy before you’re six years old. Government needs you to be needy and gets you to give away your power. Television and magazines build an idealist image that you never have a chance to match.

limiting beliefs

Where Limiting Beliefs Come From

If you’re like many people, watching five to six hours worth of television a day, you’re getting forty to sixty minutes worth of subliminal programming every single evening, to drink beer, sugary sodas and eat lots of pizza and junk food. Fortunately there are lots more commercials for diet plans, liposuction, facelifts, Botox, and hair plugs. The amount of neurotic, psychotic programming you receive on a daily basis in the world today is mind blowing.

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One of the most seminal changes in history has occurred without much public notice or media fanfare: We now change and develop more from the influence of mind viruses than we do from physical evolution. As usual, the mind is driving the bus. But the problem is, the mind is not thinking clearly. A negative or limiting belief creates a negative or limiting vision, which inspires negative or limiting actions, which produce negative or limiting results.

Most limiting beliefs are created by the most virulent mind viruses, which are now assaulting us 24/7. These include the “you’re not worthy” memes programmed by organized religion, the “you need us to take care of you” memes propagated by nanny state governments, and the “everyone should look young, skinny and sexy” memes disseminated by pop culture. You are assaulted with thousands of mind viruses a day; most of them negative.

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The Problem with Limiting Beliefs

The reason this has become so acute today is technology. Television broadcast networks are monolithic, and satellite and cable have made them even more so. The Internet energized the information dissemination tidal wave exponentially, and social media and email have accelerated it even more. A

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