The Power of “Yes”

Do you ever get a fleeting memory of how you used to feel when you were a kid, that incredible feeling of freedom and passion for trying new things? Life seemed so exciting! It’s okay to want that again. But it’s not necessarily the good old days that you yearn for – you may be missing the passion for trying new things with a confident feeling that you can succeed.

the power of yes

Why You Need to Forget the Word “No”

So what happened to your passion and confidence? Did the ageing process steal it? Probably not; the more likely culprit is a confused mind. If you’re like most people, you’ve been clobbered with 60,000 “NO’s” during the formative years of two and six. As you took chances in order to learn and grow, the word you heard most was ‘NO!”.

Some NO’s were for your own good—“NO! Don’t get too close to the street.” But so many we’re for arbitrary reasons (NOOOO, because I SAID so.) Over the course of your four years this relentless barrage of NO’s took their toll. Your curious mind became confused and began mimicking the scolding voices of your parents and others who dolled out the NO’s.

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You’re way past the scolding age, but past “NO’s” are still echoing in your mind. Can you hear them? Imagine if others could read your mind; how many NO’s would they hear howling in a day? It’s the NO’s that erode your sense of having incredible potential (which, by the way, is true about you).

When you identify with NO, you create a personality that expresses self-doubt and insecurity, dousing your passion for adventurous living. The chief mental crime we commit against ourselves is to stifle our passion by listening to old NO’s. NO-listeners don’t thrive, nor do they ever feel fully alive.

The Power of “Yes”

It’s time to wise up. It’s time to get your passion back and say “YES!” to life. This requires saying, “NO!” to those NO’s that still howl in your mind. If you’re paying attention to what you’re reading right now, you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement – YES, it’s time!

When you say “YES,” great things happen. So, how do you rid your mind of Howling NO’s so

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  1. Thanks for the article.Truly YES the power of yes instills in one’s mind with positivity and encourages to move ahead in life thus saying goodbye to old days.