Warning: Top Dental Myths Exposed!

True or false: brushing your teeth right after eating is the best way to protect your smile?

FALSE! Don’t believe us? Well, you should believe Dr. Timothy Chase of SmilesNY, who has been practicing cosmetic and restorative dentistry for over 17 years. We asked Dr. Chase to dispel some common dental myths, and help us separate the fact from fiction. So grab your toothbrush, get some floss, and read on to keep your pearly-whites looking great.

dental myths


Myth #1: You should see a dentist every 6 months

Not True!

According to Dr. Chase, your visit to the dentist should be based on your individual needs. Many studies have shown that plaque and calculus build up in as little as 90 days, which leads to inflammation and infection that can affect your entire body. So if you want a really healthy smile, and body, having your teeth cleaned 4 times a year is the way to go.

Myth #2: Brushing right after you eat or drink is the best way to protect your smile

Not True!

Whenever you eat, the acids in your food and in your saliva weaken the enamel, the hard protective covering of the teeth. Brushing your teeth right after eating can lead to tooth abrasions or loss of the enamel and may lead to sensitive teeth. Dr. Chase recommends waiting a half hour or rinsing your mouth with water before brushing to help protect your teeth.

Myth #3: Electronic toothbrushes are better than regular brushes.


Yes, studies show that high-quality electric toothbrushes with soft bristles clean better than manual tooth brushes.

Myth #4: If I have no pain I don’t need to see a dentist.

Not True!

Many dental issues do not cause pain until they have progressed very far – for example, a root canal. Gum disease, on the other hand, may not cause any pain at all. Seeing your dentist regularly is the only way to ensure you don’t have any of these issues.

Myth #5: Whitening toothpastes are the best way to whiten teeth.

Not True!

The best way to whiten your teeth and keep them white is to visit your dentist and have him do an in office whitening or make you custom trays, because whitening toothpastes do very little to whiten

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