5 Tips to Stay Healthy as You Get Older

Getting older is not a sentence to a physically non-active lifestyle. Everything you once loved and had a passion for doing, and everything you dreamed of doing, is still within your reach. The key is to know your body, your limitations and utilize the tools that come standardly equipped. And by following a few simple steps, you too can stay healthy and in “the game” as you grow older.

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You Can Stay Healthy As You Grow Older

There are simple habits we can form that will keep us in the game. Many of these require little time and the pay-off is phenomenal. “We are all works in progress”, and luckily gifted with bodies that actually respond and listen to our attempts at making them perform better. We also are all growing older with each minute that passes. I personally like the “growing” part of that phrase. It sure beats the heck out of “getting older”. Growth is good and usually signifies vitality and progression.

So how does this “growth” happen? It’s easy; don’t let fear keep you on the couch! Find the level of intensity for playing hard that is uniquely tailored to individually work for your needs.

For the way I play, I had to learn my body and the things that worked to keep me healthy enough to continue doing what I love. This prompted me to learn how to not only care for myself post-injury but more importantly to build and condition to help prevent and minimize future injuries.

After spraining my ankles more times that you’ve probably looked at yours in the mirror, I developed a morning regimen of drawing the ABC’s with each foot every morning for the last ten years. It’s become a solid habit of mine to lift my legs while still in bed and trace the alphabet in the air. Something as small as this not only increases blood-flow upon awaking, but also stretches the ligaments and tendons in my ankles leading all the way into my knee area. It has been the single most contributing factor to preventing serious sprains and still performing with the intensity I personally desire to. Yep, an easy three-minute daily habit has had a profound affect on my ability to perform. That example is just one of many.



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  1. What perfect timing to read this article. With it being a new year and trying to get my family and myself a bit more aware of our health and our well being I really found these tips healpful and will keep them in mind.