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Five Laws for Doing The Impossible

the impossible

Have you ever had a burning desire to do something that others deemed impossible?  We’ve all heard it before: You’re crazy; there’s no way anyone can do that; get real; and stop dreaming. But despite what the naysayers and critics might say, it is possible to do what others see as impossible. Many things that […]

If At First You Don’t Succeed…


We see Ford cars zoom past us probably a hundred times a day. Everyone knows the Ford car company, an incredibly successful creation of Henry Ford’s. However, this company was not Henry Ford’s first. In fact, Ford failed with not just one business venture, but two before the Ford car company took off. Though he endured […]

6 Tips for Reaching the Height of Your Physical Well Being

physical well-being

No matter where you are in your journey towards better health, there are a few ways to make it to that next level. Whether you’re just starting to exercise and eat healthy or you’ve just completed your 10th marathon race, it’s always a good idea to remember some core basics. These are a few extra […]

7 Things to Remember When Life Gets You Down

life gets you down

Life gets rough for everyone at one time or another. So what is the difference between the people who not only recover from the bad patch but actually end up better for it? The answer is this: the people who can reframe the situation and put into proper perspective. And this usually means changing the […]

Why You Should Be Nice to Nerds


Bill Gates: known for his company, Microsoft, for sure…but probably better known as the richest man in the world at a net worth of approximately $72 billion. Give us some of that money, eh? No, he shouldn’t, because Bill Gates is also perhaps one of the most generous men in the world. It’s not clear […]

5 Things You Need To Know About the FDA Food Label Changes


Do you find food labels tricky to navigate? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is worried that you do. And they want to remedy that. They have proposed a few changes to the design and content of that black-and-white food label on the back of your groceries. Don’t fret—these changes will help, not hurt. They […]

The Power of Daily Rituals

power of ritual

How often do you brush your teeth? It sounds like a silly question, and your answer is, of course: every day. You don’t even think about it anymore. It just happens like clockwork. As a result, you have a prettier smile, less tooth decay or gum disease, and far fewer dental bills. In other words, […]

Top Ten Healthiest Foods

top ten healthiest foods - beets

There are probably a countless amount of foods you’ve heard condemned, but there’s probably an equal amount of foods you’ve heard praised by nutritionists everywhere. Which are truly the top ten healthiest foods? To better tackle this question, we checked out World’s Healthiest Foods (WHF) list of—you guessed it—the world’s healthiest foods. The list features […]

The 6 Best Workouts to Gain Muscle

best workouts to gain muscle - kettlebells

Working out is great. It can fend off disease, help keep you happy, raise your energy levels…the list goes on and on. But let’s be honest here: one of the main reasons people start working out initially is because they want to look good. No harm there! It’s nice to feel comfortable in your own […]

How to Stop Negative Self-Talk

negative self talk - head in hands statue

If there is anything that can keep you from being productive and partaking in the abundance that life has to offer, it’s negative self-talk. This is the type of talk, and thoughts, that create or reinforce existing sub-conscious beliefs that will keep you from what you desire. If you want to enjoy life the way […]

Beyond Shyness: When Social Anxiety Threatens to Take Over Your Life

social anxiety - water

Shyness… or social anxiety? Until recently, these terms were used interchangeably. It was thought that most socially awkward people had quirks which could be overcome with individual effort; otherwise, they were just “unfriendly,” with no interest in normal social activity. Today, however, researchers in psychology and neuroscience recognize social anxiety as a disorder which can […]

Top 7 Regrets People Have in Life


What will your regrets be when you’re on your deathbed? This is easily one of the most scary, sad questions you can possibly ask yourself, but it’s a common one. After all, we want to live our lives to the fullest, and at the end, we don’t want to look back and wish there was […]

The Benefits of Martial Arts

martial arts

If you’re looking for a way to improve your physical and mental health, while learning to defend yourself, you’ll want to explore the world of martial arts. Martial arts have evolved over the years in many different styles and disciplines. Styles range from Capoeira – a form of martial arts that blends with music and […]

Brutal Basics of Time Management

time management clock

Effective time management is apparently elusive. Witness the massive industry dedicated to helping us navigate the clock more successfully. We have software programs, day planners, apps, calendars, training programs – you name it. I find that most of these resources are only modestly useful. My theory is that the thinkers behind these products have over-thought the problem. They have […]

7 Ways to Have Lasting Relationships

resilience relationships

All of us say and do stupid things. It’s part of being human. Not only are we a work in progress as individuals, we’re relationship challenged. When it comes to being in a committed relationship (one of the three most challenging parts of being human), surviving the normal ups and downs of intimate partnerships, there’s […]

4 Reasons to Eat More Plant-Based Foods

plant based foods - fun vegetables

During flu and cold season, building your immunity is very important. One way you can do this is by eating more whole, plant-based foods. Here are 4 reasons why you should start incorporating more nutrient-dense foods into your diet. 4 Reasons to Eat Plant-Based Foods 1. Plant Based Foods Provide Energy Before the body can […]

How to Communicate Effectively

how to communicate more effectively - 3 monkeys

When it comes to communication, most of us tend to think that if we’ve been misunderstood, it is the receiver of the information that is at fault for not understanding. But in reality, the responsibility is on the communicator – that’s you – to acknowledge that if something isn’t understood properly by someone else, it is […]

Primal Man Mark Sisson on Nutrition, Fitness and Success

mark sisson - paddle boarding

Inspiyr spent some time with Mark Sisson, author of the bestselling health book The Primal Blueprint and top-rated health and fitness blog Mark discussed the ideas behind his primal living philosophy, and shared advice on fitness, business and life success. Being a former world-class marathoner, Ironman triathlete, liaison to the International Olympic Committee representing the sport […]

6 Reasons Beer is Good For You

Beer is good for you

Beer lovers, rejoice! Not only does beer taste great, and make you feel “buzzed” on life…beer is good for you! As pints are poured in bars and restaurants across the country, know that drinking beer has real health benefits*. 6 Health Benefits of Drinking Beer 1. Decrease Incidence of Heart Disease There are more than 20 […]

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