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Skincare Tips From One of America’s Most Beautiful Doctors

skincare - tanning

Have you ever wondered how the food you eat affects your skin? Or why tanning bads are so bad for you? We did…so we caught up with Dr. Justin Piasecki, one of “American’s Most Beautiful Doctor’s” and founder of the world renowned Skin Cancer Center. Dr. Justin shared his advice on how you keep your skin […]

Secrets to Success From a TV Strongman

tim holmes - family

Tim Holmes knows a thing or two about success. He’s done it all, having had a career in music, business, firefighting, and now working on the big screen, playing the part of “The Strongman” in the up and coming film Oz the Great and Powerful. In a recent interview with Inspiyr, Tim discusses his “secrets […]

Want to Be More Productive at Work? Take a Break!

want to be more productive? take a break

Do you work non-stop at the office, powering through your work without taking as much as a 5 minute break for a little water-cooler talk? Well, you may be sabotaging your efforts; working non-stop is not the best way to get work done. A recent study shows that taking breaks from demanding tasks can actually […]

Can You Handle the Top 5 Fun Runs in the USA?


If you love the outdoors, some friendly competition, and exercising in a zombie costume (what?) you’ll want to try “fun runs.” The fun run craze is sweeping across the globe and it seems like every weekend there’s a new crazy theme. Here’s a list of just a few of the zaniest, most challenging, and totally […]

Save for Retirement in 6 Steps

save for retirement

Planning for retirement can be daunting. If you’re afraid your savings will fall short of offering you a comfortable life after you leave work, try these ways to save for retirement so you can enjoy your golden years the way you should.   1. Max out your 401k If your money is not in your […]

How to Listen to Your Inner Voice When Times Are Tough

release your inner critic - breathe

Often in our lives, through a series of conscious and unconscious choices, we find ourselves in a different place than we had once imagined we would be at that point. We reach a milestone age, or we see friends or even celebrities accomplishing something, and as we compare ourselves, we feel a poignant mixture of […]

11 Tips To Interview Like a Pro

job interview

You can never be too prepared for an interview. Here are some job interview tips you can use to ensure you make the best possible impression and get the job you want. Interview Preparation 1. Do Your Research The more you prepare for an interview the easier it will be. Take advantage of the Internet […]

Why You Should Feel Good About Feeling Beautiful

ok to be beautiful

Our society can seem superficial at times, with a crazed obsession with celebrity culture and other beautiful people we see in the media. While some of that can seem a bit excessive, it’s actually ok to be beautiful. In fact, being beautiful, or just striving for it, is natural and can actually be good for […]

Warning: Alternative Cancer Therapies Covered Up by the US Medical Establishment

alternative cancer therapies

Every day thousands of people in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, their physicians are limited to three treatment options: chemo, radiation and surgery. Although numerous safe, successful, alternative cancer therapies exist, the medical establishment has done a good job at eliminating most of them. Why Alternative Cancer Therapies Are Covered Up The work […]

Celebrity Fitness Model Shares Secrets to Looking Great

dumbbell - fitness - exercise

We recently caught up with Owen McKibbin, a 56-year old former pro volleyball player, creator of the Zone Progression Training Method and official spokesperson for The Rack. Owen shared advice on how to stay healthy and fit as the years go by, along with his secrets for success. What advice do you have for people who […]

The Gender Split in Education: Opportunities Still Not Quite Equal

Teacher, Lorraine Lapthorne conducts her class in the Grade Two room at the Drouin State School, Drouin, Victoria

Girls are Outperforming Boys in the American Education System – Learn How to Get Boys Interested in Learning Again Former Harvard president Lawrence Summers once remarked that the lack of female scientists and engineers was due to “different availability of aptitude” rather than employer discrimination. His words carry greater irony with each passing year: women […]

3 Tips To Prevent Liver Disease


Many words have been written regarding health, physical strength, conditioning, good diet, and exercise. Most of these posts and articles focus either on overall good practices or cardiovascular health. We collectively seem to ignore the liver, and I’m going to tell you why we need to start paying attention to this small organ that has […]

Like Spiderman, You Have Superhuman Senses

The Amazing Spider-man movie still

No, you didn’t get bitten by a radioactive spider, but you have superhuman senses. You can detect the presence of a tiny speck of anthrax in a vast public space, or count the fish in a 4,000 square mile area. You can hear a gunshot hundreds of yards away and use your super-powerful vision to zoom […]

You’re a Rockstar! Confidence Building Secrets from a Dating Expert

beautiful faces

Learn How to Attract Women through Improved Confidence and Expert Dating Tips Inspiyr recently spoke with expert dating consultant Rachel Dealto about how guys can improve their confidence and approach women with success. Rachel gave us some insider tips that guys can start using right away. What are the worst things guys can do when they’re trying […]

How To Make Smart Business Decisions

smart business decisions

Making decisions is a task business leaders at all levels handle on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Yet, when dealing with incomplete or contradictory information, time constraints, or the pressure of knowing that whatever they decide will have a huge impact, decision making is far from routine and can be challenging for even seasoned, […]

To Stretch, or Not to Stretch

Ask A Yogi - 3

Our coaches, trainers and gym teachers have long instructed us to touch our toes before we touch the court. Most of us almost intuitively stretch before working out, running or exercising. But what does stretching really do? Does it increase flexibility? Enhance performance? Prevent injury? Turns out, too much stretching may be a bad thing. […]

Becoming a Catalyst in Your Organization

Sparks of Inspiration

Organizations look for a number of key characteristics in prospective employees and leaders; business acumen, management capability, and interpersonal skills are just a few. Rarely do they look for the most important traits of a star employee, however;  these are the traits of a catalyst, the organizational equivalent of “a spark”. Rarely do companies look […]

Turning Waste into WOW – Tom Szaky of Terracycle Explains How

Tom w: Bottle Background

While most of his peers were at the library, or the bar, college freshmen Tom Szaky was busy launching a business out of his dorm room. For his first product he turned worm-poop into fertilizer as a way to transform waste into something useful. Since then he’s turned that first product into a multi-million dollar […]

Is Sugar the Next Controlled Substance?

Toxic Perfume - Astoria Street - 9/6/09

The next time you head down to the local convenience store to buy a can of soda you may need to have your driver’s license handy. In recent months there has been a movement to make sugar – in particular high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) – a controlled substance, similar to alcohol and tobacco. This […]

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