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Facts About Autism: What It Means for Men, Families, and Society

74/365 - autism awareness.

Autism Is More Prevalent in Males, Experts Not Sure Why Children are often called the ultimate gift; they bring happiness and joy to families and individuals as they watch them grow from crawling toddlers to prospering adults, but all too common are scenarios where parents feel burdened by unexpected complications. Although medical technology advances have […]

How to Break Up with Someone: Avoid These 5 Mistakes

how to break up - goodbye

In a society where high-speed dating is so common, it’s never been more important to know how to break up with someone. To help keep you on track, here are the 5 worst ways to end a relationship. How to Break Up: Don’t Do These 5 Things 1. In a Text Message Believe me: this […]

Free Computer Software Alternatives to 7 Common Programs

the ghosts in the machine

Do you want to get the most out of your computer without spending too much money on software? Free software can often meet your needs without a hefty price tag. Antivirus programs, office applications, photo editors, and countless other software choices can all cost an arm and a leg; try these free alternatives to common […]

Natural ADHD Treatment


Alternatives to Medication when Managing Your ADHD Symptoms Adderall is often used as a treatment for ADHD but it does not come without a price. According to Neuropsychologist and co-founder of the Long Island ADHD Professionals Consortium (LIAPC) Kimberly Williams, “there can be some side effects, such as decreased appetite, changes in sleep patterns, headache, […]

Are Skin Patches a Less Painful Pain-Reliever?

25. colon-pain

Killer painkillers? It’s become a genuine concern with doctors and patients alike, thanks to recent research on the harmful side effects of common pain medications. In fact, even mild, over-the-counter drugs, like Ibuprofen, may cause serious damage to the stomach, kidneys, and heart –no doubt more painful than the headache or sprained ankle you hoped […]

Are Video Games Good for You?


The Benefits of Playing Video Games Casually Video games are just a waste of time, right? Wrong. Regardless of what you may have heard, playing video games can actually be good for you. Video games can have many beneficial effects when played in moderation. Video games have even been proven to increase the dexterity of […]

Are Men Better Business Owners Than Women?

businessman near window

More Men Lead Fortune 500 Companies, Possess the Skills To Thrive I recently took a look at the annual Fortune 500 list of American corporations with the highest revenue. Upon first glance, I didn’t really encounter anything out of the ordinary, but indeed, there was something interesting that I discovered when looking at these mega […]

I Quit! How to Write a Professional Resignation Letter

My letter

Learn How to Write a Resignation Letter One of the most often overlooked parts of leaving any job is the resignation letter, but it can often have a large effect on how you are remembered. When you are transitioning from one job to another it’s natural to focus most of your time on your next […]

10 Signs You Work For An Ethical Organization

That Way

“He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas.” -Benjamin Franklin You want a great life at home and work. You want to work for an ethical organization, one that you’re proud to be affiliated with. But you recognize that the world around can be a harsh, unforgiving place, often putting great pressure on […]

4 Ways to Eliminate Toxic Thoughts and Become Happier

toxic thoughts - weird guy

Is your mind a breeding group for toxic thinking? Are your thought patterns keeping you “stuck” in life? Today, it’s time to change that. You can stop toxic thinking by doing 4 things: Losing the “victim” mentality and realize that you are in control of your own life Understanding there are grey areas in life […]

How to Prevent and Treat Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Breakfast of champions

According to the CDC nearly one in every two Americans will experience some type of osteoarthritis pain in their lifetime.  We asked Dr. Neil Roth of Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC to tell us what you can do to prevent osteoarthritis, and manage it if you’ve been diagnosed with the condition already. What exactly is […]

8 Ways to Stay Healthy with Your Valentine

stay healthy with your valentine

More and more couples ask me advice on things they can do as a couple to help ward off illness. This advice is especially relevant as Valentine’s Day approaches. Isn’t giving those you love good health one of the best ways to show your love for them? It is! Here are 8 ways to stay […]

How Executives Can Get a Work-Life Balance

work life balance

Let’s get really honest. What is the deeper truth about why you work so much? Most executives and entrepreneurs rationalize that they have to work hard. They tell themselves, “It’s for my family.” Or, “It won’t last forever. These are my peak earning years. Now’s the time to put in the hours.” I was a […]

Going Under the Knife: Change Your Attitude before Considering Cosmetic Surgery

The Man

More Men Seek Cosmetic Procedures as Solution for Aging, Slow Career Growth Recent articles on Inspiyr have discussed the changing roles of men in households and the economy, but what about superficial changes in society and culture? Throughout history, men have been somewhat obligated to exude strength and confidence, and any signs of insecurity or […]

Learn Why Coffee Can Help You Live Longer


Coffee is great for you. Or, wait, it’s actually really bad for you. Confusing right? That’s been the story from nutritionists for years. One day the bean is friend, the next it’s foe. Well, chalk one up for you coffee lovers, because one of the largest studies of it’s kind to date has just shown […]

7 New Year Resolution Tips You Can Use Throughout The Year

new year resolution tips - write it down

The New Year generously offers us a clean slate to determine our own success. Starting fresh gives you an opportunity to reinvent your self and go after your truest desires, dreams and goals. If you want to get ahead in the New Year, here are seven tips to start strong and keep your momentum until […]

Cannonball Record Holder Chases His Dream Across the Country


Can you imagine driving all the way across the country? How about speeding across it at an average of 100 miles per hour? Earlier this month, Ed Bolian, a 28-year-old Sunday school teacher, husband, and sales director, broke the “Cannonball Run” speed record driving coast to coast—2,813 miles. Bolian made it from New York to […]

Quotes From NYC Mayor Ed Koch

ed koch quotes

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch passed away on Friday at the age of 88. The outspoken, quick-witted attorney turned politician helped bring the city out of financial ruins in the 1970′s. According to current Mayor Michael Bloomber, Koch was a quintessential New Yorker and one of the city’s greatest mayors. “In elected office and […]

A Diet to Lose Weight: Five Tips

diet to lose weight

There are a ton of diets out there, and it can be incredibly overwhelming to sort through and figure out which one will work for you. After all, there are fad diets—the diets that make you lose weight extremely quickly, but then gain it back as soon as you go off it. There are also […]

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