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What is Not Learned Through Wisdom is Learned Through Woe

wisdom and woe

It began out as a perfect summer day. The weather was ideal: warm and balmy. A legitimate 82 at Black Gold (course in southern California) was a good day of golf for me. Driving home with the moon roof open and Van Morison blaring, a nice long nap was all I needed to round-out the […]

10 Famous Presidential Speeches

white house - famous presidential speeches

President’s Day is a day to honor the great men who have helped shape the nation we know today. Here are 10 famous Presidential speeches that remind us where we have come from as a nation, along with some words of wisdom spoken during troubled, tragic, and hopeful times. Over the past 250 years our […]

4 Videos To Help You Be Thankful

be thankful

It’s normal as humans for us to think about what we don’t have instead of all the great things we do have in our life. It’s not easy to be thankful for all the gifts we’ve been given. The problem with this thinking is that by focusing on what we lack, we’re actually attracting more […]

Michael Jordan Turns 50: Honoring a Basketball Legend

michael jordan's 50th birthday

Michael Jordan is more than just a basketball super-star or a sports icon, his play on the court as well as his contributions off of it have inspired millions around the world. Throughout his life, Jordan had to overcome many adverse situations, but like anyone who has come to know success, it was the failures […]

Why You Should Make Juice Fasting a Part of Your Lifestyle


Many people claim that our bodies are designed to do intermittent fasting to release toxins, be healthier and live longer. If you want to fast, but find that fasting is too hard for you to stick with, then intermittent juice fasting may be the answer that you have been looking for. Why Juice Fasting May […]

Our 7 Favorite Harlem Shake Videos

harlem shake - storm troopers

First it was “Call Me Maybe”, then Gangam Style. Now the latest internet dance craze to go viral is the Harlem Shake. There’s no set dance moves; instead it’s just 30 seconds of fun dance beats and free-styling to get your body moving and having a good time. The first 15 seconds usually has a […]

8 Ways to Stay Healthy with Your Valentine

stay healthy with your valentine

More and more couples ask me advice on things they can do as a couple to help ward off illness. This advice is especially relevant as Valentine’s Day approaches. Isn’t giving those you love good health one of the best ways to show your love for them? It is! Here are 8 ways to stay […]

Let Life Dream You

let life dream you

“Stop Dreaming” You’re not likely to find those two words in pretty script on some inspirational poster hanging in a CEO’s suburban office. Those two words probably won’t be immortalized in this year’s presidential inaugural address or tattooed on your favorite ball player. You wouldn’t say those two words to your kids. “Stop Dreaming” But […]

5 Steps to Find Your Values in Life (And Why You Need to Follow Them)

holy sacred threads

Values are those often talked about, even more often abused things by mediocre corporations but rarely understood parts of our personal DNA and early nurturing.  Those things that collectively define who we are as a human being. Knowing and sticking to your values can keep you healthy, happy and successful…and doing otherwise can lead to […]

Confidence Can Change Your Life

01 (164)

The Benefits of High Self-Confidence, and How to Build it Do you want to get ahead in life? Do you want to take the risks that can help you achieve your dreams? Gaining confidence may allow you to do both. Confidence may seem like a small thing, but it can have a huge impact on […]

To Stretch, or Not to Stretch

Ask A Yogi - 3

Our coaches, trainers and gym teachers have long instructed us to touch our toes before we touch the court. Most of us almost intuitively stretch before working out, running or exercising. But what does stretching really do? Does it increase flexibility? Enhance performance? Prevent injury? Turns out, too much stretching may be a bad thing. […]

Is Sugar the Next Controlled Substance?

Toxic Perfume - Astoria Street - 9/6/09

The next time you head down to the local convenience store to buy a can of soda you may need to have your driver’s license handy. In recent months there has been a movement to make sugar – in particular high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) – a controlled substance, similar to alcohol and tobacco. This […]

Turning Waste into WOW – Tom Szaky of Terracycle Explains How

Tom w: Bottle Background

While most of his peers were at the library, or the bar, college freshmen Tom Szaky was busy launching a business out of his dorm room. For his first product he turned worm-poop into fertilizer as a way to transform waste into something useful. Since then he’s turned that first product into a multi-million dollar […]

4 Ways to Eliminate Toxic Thoughts and Become Happier

toxic thoughts - weird guy

Is your mind a breeding group for toxic thinking? Are your thought patterns keeping you “stuck” in life? Today, it’s time to change that. You can stop toxic thinking by doing 4 things: Losing the “victim” mentality and realize that you are in control of your own life Understanding there are grey areas in life […]

Crossing the Finish Line with Eastern Medicine

marathon - eastern medicine

Marathon madness is vast approaching with early registration deadlines around the corner. To help in your marathon training, look no further then to the East. Here are 3 ways Oriental practices and holistic therapies can help you cross the finish line. Moxibustion- Pump Up the Heat After an intense gym workout, the first inclination may […]

Becoming a Catalyst in Your Organization

Sparks of Inspiration

Organizations look for a number of key characteristics in prospective employees and leaders; business acumen, management capability, and interpersonal skills are just a few. Rarely do they look for the most important traits of a star employee, however;  these are the traits of a catalyst, the organizational equivalent of “a spark”. Rarely do companies look […]

Save Money: Do It Yourself

Mechanic (Wrench)

Do you hate having to pay exorbitant amounts of money for repair work? Do you feel your wallet getting lighter whenever your car makes a bad noise, or the washing machine stops turning? Preventative maintenance is wonderful, but eventually things will break. When this happens, however, it does not need to set you back nearly […]

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