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How to Overcome Insecurity


Even though our world is filled with spoon fed security, from Homeland Security to Social Security and Internet security – do you ever feel insecure? Where do these feelings come from? Is there some potential benefit to your unease? It turns out that being insecure can actually be a good thing, if you learn from […]

How to Stop Thinking Small

thinking small

Thinking small is no good! You know someone who thinks small. You probably know hundreds of people who think small. Maybe you have been a victim of thinking small from time to time. The Problem With Thinking Small Thinking small keeps people broke. Thinking small keeps people in a job they don’t like. Thinking small […]

How To Develop Mental Toughness

mental toughness

Do you have a goal you want to achieve? Maybe you want to be healthier. Or have more confidence. Or, maybe you want to be in a better relationships. Whatever it is, achieving a goal isn’t always easy. Research shows that only eight percent of people are actually successful in achieving their goals. So how can […]

10 Health Benefits of Honey


Many consider honey a tasty snack, but recently the sticky spread has gained recognition as holding several healing powers far beyond accommodating our hunger pangs. From cough suppressant to germ-killer, learn about these 10 health benefits of honey. But first, let’s take a brief look into the history of honey. The History of Honey Though […]

How to Think Your Way to Success

how to think for success

It seems that some people have been given every advantage in life and still manage to sabotage their success and destroy their chances at happiness. Then there are those who seem to have every obstacle imaginable thrown in front of them and yet they still move ahead, refusing to give up. They take these obstacles […]

6 Health Tips for the Weekend Warrior

weekend warrior

If you’ve been using your weekends to their athletic maximum to make up for sedentary time during the week, congratulations, weekend warrior! Weekend sports and outdoor adventures like team sports, hikes, swimming and skiing are good for both the mind and the body. Your well-earned weekend recreation has the added benefits of boosting your mood, […]

The Best Food For Diabetics

best foods for diabetics

No single food will make or break your diet. I frequently say that a good diet with a bit of pie now and then is still a good diet. And a bad diet with a few bites of broccoli is still a bad diet. What really matters is not the individual foods as much as […]

8 Simple Nano Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Couch Crunches

Lots of people think that getting and staying fit means spending hours at the gym. But if you can’t spare the time (or sweat), there’s an easy solution. Nano Workouts are small exercises that can be done almost anywhere, keeping you fit as you go about your normal activities. Why Nano-Workouts Work The fittest people […]

7 Steps For Lasting Fat Loss

fat loss

Fat loss is a slippery slope, and an innucous negligance or simple mistake can become a downward spiral into the warm baklava your coworker brought into work. The path to fat loss is littered with land mines and roadblocks, yet with some careful maneuvering you can reach your goals with minimal frustration. Over the years […]

How to Sleep Better

how to sleep better

Getting a good night’s sleep can be tough at any stage in your life. In fact, it has been estimated that 90 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder at one time or another. But the good news is that you can learn how to sleep better at any age, and any stage in your […]

Stressed Out? Try Self-Hypnosis for Mental Relaxation

Hypnosis Spiral

We all experience a great deal of stress in our lives. Work, relationships, and dozens of other tiny frustrations can make the days seem quite long and sometimes unbearable. While there are many techniques people are aware of to reduce stress, one that is often over-looked, or not well-known, is self-hypnosis. What is Self-Hypnosis? Self-hypnosis […]

Five Lessons to Learn from Olympic Athletes

olympic athletes - meryl davis charlie white

The world’s eyes are on Sochi as the greatest athletes compete for the gold medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Perhaps it’s the thrill of competition, watching an athlete put on a graceful performance or maybe it’s simply feeling patriotic and cheering on America’s athletes. There is also another very important, yet often overlooked reason […]

Green with Envy & Making Yourself Sick? Let Go to be Well!

let go to be well

People who know me know that jealousy has always been my biggest character flaw. You know how some people cry at every occasion? I used to get jealous at every occasion. My best friend got a better comedy gig than me? Jealous. My boyfriend had coffee with a female friend? Jealous. The girl next to […]

5 Health Benefits of Stevia


Health-nuts have been touting the health benefits of Stevia over the past few years, and now the natural sweetener has hit the mass market. But, what exactly is it, and is it good for you? What Is Stevia? Stevia is an herb that has been used as a natural sweetener for thousands of years. Though […]

7 Tips to Achieve Your Dreams


What is your dream? Everyone has that one dream that they’ve always held close to their heart. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to open your own restaurant, or you’ve wanted to start a new business. But have you taken any steps to achieve your dream? And if so, how many steps have you taken? Most people haven’t […]

4 Reasons Why College May Not Be Right For You

college isn't for everyone - college debt

It starts at a young age for most kids. “You have to go to college to be successful in life!” says your parents, teachers and, well, nearly every adult you come into contact with. But with skyrocketing costs of post-secondary education, a low employment rate for recent grads, and lots of employers focused on experience […]

Health Benefits of Kombucha


If you frequent health food stores, chances are you’ve seen a type of fermented tea called Kombucha on the shelves. Fans claim that drinking it will strengthen the immune system, prevent cancer growth, and improve liver function. But, is it really good for you? Health Benefits of Kombucha Brewers and sellers of the fermented tea believe […]

How to Prevent Bronchitis

george h w bush bronchitis

President George H.W. Bush has been hospitalized for bronchitis, a relatively common illness that can affect anyone, young or old. If you want to avoid the coughing, wheezing, chest pain and discomfort bronchitis can cause, follow these tips. 5 Ways to Prevent Bronchitis Strengthen Your Lungs Your lungs can become stronger from an exercise as […]

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