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Watch A Surprise Football Star Score Big With This Inspiring Play


There’s always an opportunity to make someone’s day…or week…or life. That’s what the Olivet Eagles demonstrated by their amazing play. The Michigan middle school football team planned an amazing play. As the comedian John Mulaney once said, “Thirteen-year-olds are the meanest people in the world. They terrify me to this day.” However, these boys go […]

How to Beat The “Bikini Buzzkill” Bloat

bikini bloat

If you’ve been eating healthy and exercising for months in preparation for ‘bikini season,’ the last thing you want is a big bloated belly on a crowded beach day. We call that a bikini buzzkill. Bloating is the feeling of over-fullness, as if your stomach has swollen past its normal size. This is the result […]

8 Reasons to Be Happy (Even On Your Hardest Days)

reasons to be happy

On your rough days, do you find yourself sitting on the couch, sulking and wondering why things can’t just get better? When all of the negatives build up, it can be hard to see past them. It’s almost like all of your worries are bricks, and they build up to be a wall that seems […]

A Selfless Way to Pay it Forward

pay it forward

Imagine being a tired waiter or waitress who serves people day in and day out. You work hard and long hours with a big smile on your face, just trying to earn money to achieve your dreams, and yet people still yell at you for the food being cold, or other things beyond your control. […]

Things Successful People Do Differently

what successful people do

Are successful people more likely to be early-birds or night-owls? Do they have lots of good connections in their network, or a few, high quality ones? Are there certain times of day successful people are more productive than others? These questions kept our team up at night, so we connected with productivity and success expert […]

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Making a Task List

task list

To-do list, agenda, itinerary, bane of your existence…there are many terms used to describe a task list. But each one means the same thing: a list of things you must do. That list can sometimes be far longer than you like, and sometimes it can be much nicer to just ignore it entirely. After all, […]

4 Best Doctors for Chronic Illness


When you’re living with a chronic illness, it can be difficult to be taken seriously. At first glance, you may just look a little tired, but nobody could guess that you’re dealing with chronic pain or fatigue. A doctor who doesn’t take you seriously or who acts frustrated with your condition is not only irritating, […]

10 Strategies for Healthy Eating & Fast Fat Loss Anywhere

eating out

You name a potential dietary-disaster situation, and I’ve probably experienced it. Stuck with relatives who think a healthy breakfast involves low-fat French toast drowned in “lite” syrup with bananas? Been there. Stranded at a roadside diner where every deep-fried Frankenfood on the menu came out of a famous butter-loving chef’s recipe book?  Check. I get it: […]

7 Tips to Achieve Your Dreams


What is your dream? Everyone has that one dream that they’ve always held close to their heart. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to open your own restaurant, or you’ve wanted to start a new business. But have you taken any steps to achieve your dream? And if so, how many steps have you taken? Most people haven’t […]

5 Foods That Are Great For Your Brain

Lights of ideas

Your brain needs energy to work and certain foods can either boost your brain power, or slow it down. Here’s a list of 5 healthy, natural foods that can give your brain the boost it needs. Top 5 Brain Boosting Foods 1.  Dark Chocolate Yes, chocolate is actually good for your brain, as long as […]

Chivalry Isn’t Dead! 3 Ways To Become a Gentleman


Several decades ago, being a gentleman was more about social status than behavior. For instance, level of education, financial and social status of family, and source of income were the characteristics that distinguished gentlemen from the déclassé. In other words, heritage and birthright trumped actions and behaviors. Today, the definition of a gentleman could not […]

5 Steps to Personal Growth and Development

5 Steps to Personal Growth and Development

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ~Ernest Hemingway Setting out on a journey of personal growth and development can seem overwhelming at first. If you browse the self-improvement or personal development sections of any bookstore, you’re likely to find hundreds if […]

Introducing the Birth Control Pill…For Men!

western medicine

It has been 50 years since the oral birth control pill, widely known as “The Pill”, made its first appearance in the United States. Since its inception, the pill has caused a tremendous amount of controversy that hasn’t seemed to simmer, ranging from religious opposition to the belief that birth control promotes sexual promiscuity. Regardless, […]

How to Gain Credibility by Avoiding These 7 Bad Behaviors

Speech Impediment Disorder

Beware your credibility blind spots. These bad behaviors may be unintentional, but they derail your professional image. They are off-putting to everyone … but you. The good news is that once you uncover your blind spots, you can undo them. And in today’s highly competitive workplace, where even small stuff can make a big difference, […]

The Top 19 Best Foods for Athletes

best foods

Whether your goal is to get lean, build muscle, or increase endurance, eating right is 80 percent of the battle. Sure, that other 20 percent, exercise, is certainly an important piece of the puzzle, but an athlete relies upon food and drink as both fuel and building materials for a fit, strong body. We are […]

A Day Without Laughter is a Day Wasted

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin is incredibly famous for many things: acting, filmmaking, and composing, all within the silent film industry. And his stuff was funny. However, his life wasn’t always full of laughs. Chaplin was thrown on his own resources before he reached the age of ten, as the early death of his father and the subsequent […]

Leadership Lessons From General Schwarzkopf

general schwarzkopf leadership quotes

General Normal Schwarzkopf, most famously known for leading the American-led international coalition that drove Iraqi forces from Kuwait in 1991, has passed away due to complications from pneumonia at the age of 78. Throughout his career he was known for his incredible leadership skills and devotion to the military. From his early education at West […]

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