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11 Tips For a Successful Job Interview

job interview

You can never be too prepared for an interview. Here are some job interview tips you can use to ensure you make the best possible impression and get the job you want. Interview Preparation 1. Do Your Research The more you prepare for an interview the easier it will be. Take advantage of the Internet […]

4 Reasons It’s OK to Be Beautiful

ok to be beautiful

Our society can seem superficial at times, with a crazed obsession with celebrity culture and other beautiful people we see in the media. While some of that can seem a bit excessive, it’s actually ok to be beautiful. In fact, being beautiful, or just striving for it, is natural and can actually be good for […]

Successful Alternative Cancer Therapies Covered Up by the US Medical Establishment

alternative cancer therapies

Every day thousands of people in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, their physicians are limited to three treatment options: chemo, radiation and surgery. Although numerous safe, successful, alternative cancer therapies exist, the medical establishment has done a good job at eliminating most of them. Why Alternative Cancer Therapies Are Covered Up The work […]

Health Tips from Fitness Expert Owen McKibbin

dumbbell - fitness - exercise

We recently caught up with Owen McKibbin, a 56-year old former pro volleyball player, creator of the Zone Progression Training Method and official spokesperson for The Rack. Owen shared advice on how to stay healthy and fit as the years go by, along with his secrets for success. What advice do you have for people who […]

4 Ways to Save on Health Insurance (and Save Your Health, too)

health insurance

Do you know that your lifestyle choices effect how much you pay for health insurance? That’s right; if you smoke, are overweight, or drink too much alcohol, you may be paying higher insurance premiums than your healthier friends. Here are 4 ways to cut down on your health insurance fees, and improve your health at […]

Integrating into a Multigenerational Workforce: Be Ambitious and Involved

multigenerational workforce

Generations, like people, have personalities. Although there is danger in generalizing, it is important to understand the needs, motivations and value systems of each of the generations so you can work with well with people outside of your age-group. Veterans (1922–1944) The Veterans born before WWII have values that were shaped by The Great Depression, […]

R.A. Dickey: An Athlete’s Quest to be a Real-Life Hero

ra dickey bombay teen challenge

Toronto Blue Jays’ pitcher R.A. Dickey seems to have everything going his way. After winning the Cy Young Award while playing for the 4th-place New York Mets, the 38–year old knuckleballer finds himself on the new-look Toronto Blue Jays. But instead of using his time off playing golf, Dickey has dedicated his last 2 off-seasons […]

Tips From Female Fitness Competitors: Buff is the New Black

Females in the fitness world

Imagine that you are in a warm weight room with the sound of iron pumping and intensity surrounding. Sweat beads are beginning to accumulate on your brow line, muscles are hard at work tingling with energy, and your endorphins are at an all time high. Now imagine that you are a woman in a room […]

Breast Cancer: 5 Steps to Reduce Your Risk

breast cancer

Every 20 seconds somewhere in the world a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. And every minute another woman dies because of the disease. This year more than 1.5 million women will be treated for breast cancer, and a half million will succumb to the disease – the most common female malignancy in every single […]

Top 5 Places Germs Hide in Your Home

top places to find germs in your home

The subways, streets, schools, and public facilities are all common places that you probably watch out for to avoid getting sick…but do you know that your home may be an even bigger breeding ground for germs? Here is a list of the 5 most common places to find nasty germs in your home, along with […]

How Hypnosis Works


If you’ve ever seen a stage hypnosis show, it’s amazing how seemingly ordinary people can suddenly do extraordinary things, or at the very least be transformed in a matter of seconds to believe they are Brittney Spears or Beyonce performing a concert, or Simon Cowell delivering scathing remarks about the latest bad talent on the […]

Stevia: 5 Health Benefits


Health-nuts have been touting the health benefits of Stevia over the past few years, and now the natural sweetener has hit the mass market. But, what exactly is Stevia, and is it good for you? What Is Stevia? Stevia is an herb that has been used as a natural sweetener for thousands of years. Though […]

Why College Isn’t For Everyone

college isn't for everyone - college debt

It starts at a young age for most kids. “You have to go to college to be successful in life!” says your parents, teachers and, well, nearly every adult you come into contact with. But with skyrocketing costs of post-secondary education, a low employment rate for recent grads, and lots of employers focused on experience […]

Top 5 Mud Running Races to Challenge Yourself

Tough Mudder

Mud running can be one of the most fun forms of physical exercise, but also the hardest. Overwhelming obstacles, both mental and physical, can stop even the strongest athlete. Runners will have to force themselves to continue, but that just makes crossing the finish line even more rewarding. Here’s a list of the top 5 […]

You’ll Be Amazed When You See How This Woman Quits Her Job


Work. It can be hard, long, and annoying. But we at Inspiyr encourage you to chase after your dreams and do something that you love to do. After all, your job likely takes up at least 8 hours of your day – and that’s 8 hours you should spend happy! This woman realized that she […]

How to Be Fit Like an NFL Player

kerry rhodes

Whether you’re a pro athlete, lawyer, doctor, or office jockey, we all can struggle trying to be fit and healthy. Even with my level of experience, I need to work hard and stay dedicated to my routine to get the results I want. But at the end of the day, reaching your fitness goals comes […]

Prevent Osteoporosis Naturally in 3 Ways

prevent osteoporosis naturally

With the baby boomer generation now between the ages of 49 and 67 years old, the number of people with osteoporosis who will suffer fractures will rise significantly. Follow these 3 steps to prevent osteoporosis naturally for yourself or your loved ones. What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones supporting and protecting […]

How to Prevent Bronchitis

george h w bush bronchitis

President George H.W. Bush has been hospitalized for bronchitis, a relatively common illness that can affect anyone, young or old. If you want to avoid the coughing, wheezing, chest pain and discomfort bronchitis can cause, follow these tips. 5 Ways to Prevent Bronchitis Strengthen Your Lungs Your lungs can become stronger from an exercise as […]

Flip-Flops Are Ruining Your Feet

Flip Flops

Flip-flops are convenient and comfortable, but they may also be destroying your feet. Several experts believe that flip-flops are fine for the beach or sitting by the pool, but when it comes to long walks or playing sports, they are a big no-no. Flip-flops have no arch support, heel cushioning or shock absorption. This minimal […]

Achieve Your Goal: The Infographic

law of attraction - rainbow eye

We’ve taken a look at two popular systems that can help you learn how to achieve your goals – the Law of Attraction and Mental Toughness – and laid out the steps each system suggests will help you achieve any goal you have. (See the full story, here.) It doesn’t matter if you want to […]

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