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How to Plan Your Day

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Everyone knows the stress of feeling like you can’t get everything done. Sometimes, it feels like there just isn’t enough time. It can seem impossible to figure out how to plan your day so that you fit everything in. When you have a somewhat scary-looking to-do list, it can be tempting to simply give up. […]

How to Get Organized in the New Year

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Do you want to get organized in the New Year? Since you should be finished running around like crazy trying to get all of your hoilday gifts purchased, there’s no better time than now to get organized in 2014. Here’s 5 ways to get organized in the New Year, and beyond. 5 Steps to Get […]

5 Ways To Naturally Build Self Confidence

self confidence

Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy self confidence in a bottle? Imagine not having to worry about getting through that job interview you’ve spent days preparing for, or plucking up the courage to approach that date! If only life was as simple as popping down to your local health food store and handing […]

10 Steps to Starting a Dream Career You’ll Love


Have you settled in your career? In other words, think about what your dream career was when you were in your early twenties, or even younger than that. Are you living it? Or have you written that off as just wishful thinking? Having a dream and never seeing it realized is perhaps one of the […]

5 Tips to Fight Less and Love More during the Holidays and Beyond

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It’s holiday time again. A time filled with family, fun, friends and… fights. With family gatherings and the pressure to be and make everyone happy, December and January can be the most stressful months of the year.  How can we keep our cool to be sure our relationships stay strong and improve in 2014? I […]

How to Overcome Fear of Flying With Self-Hypnosis

overcome fear of flying

Millions of Americans will take to the skies to visit friends and family for Christmas, but it’s not going to be the “happiest time of the year” as the song says for many of them. That’s because travel anxiety – especially a fear of flying – is one of the most common anxiety issues today.  […]

6 Health Benefits of Kissing


Why is kissing so great? Because her lips are so soft and she smells so good and it just makes me warm and fuzzy. Well, that may be true. But besides that adorable sentiment, there is research that may explain why smooching is just so wonderful. A good kiss can be intoxicating and dizzying, leaving […]

Five Tips to Beat Holiday Stress

holiday stress - snowman

The most wonderful time of year has arrived, and with it comes the not-so-wonderful added holiday stress in nearly every aspect of our lives, from back-to-back social events, to end of year work obligations. While our normal bodily stress response is triggered an estimated 60 times on a regular day, one can only imagine what […]

Boost Your Immune System With These 4 Foods

boost your immune system

Do you dread hearing that someone in the office has the flu because you just know that you’ll be the next one sneezing and coughing for the coming week? And why is it that whatever the latest epidemic, there are always those super human, lucky  few who never seem to fall ill? It seems that our […]

How to Think & Win Like a Navy SEAL

navy seal - log training

You’ve probably heard of the Navy SEALs, an elite fighting force known for carrying out some of the most secretive and dangerous missions in the military. You’ve probably also heard about the intense physical training they go through, on the beach and in the water. But what’s more important than their physical conditioning is the […]

6 Health Tips for the Weekend Warrior

weekend warrior

If you’ve been using your weekends to their athletic maximum to make up for sedentary time during the week, congratulations, weekend warrior! Weekend sports and outdoor adventures like team sports, hikes, swimming and skiing are good for both the mind and the body. Your well-earned weekend recreation has the added benefits of boosting your mood, […]

3 Steps to Become a Modern-Day Gentleman


Several decades ago, being a gentleman was more about social status than behavior. For instance, level of education, financial and social status of family, and source of income were the characteristics that distinguished gentlemen from the déclassé. In other words, heritage and birthright trumped actions and behaviors. Today, the definition of a gentleman could not […]

5 Ways to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

ways to lose weight in two weeks

In the fast-paced world we live in, we’re used to getting results now—and weight is no exception. Many decide they want to find ways to lose weight in 2 weeks or less, but that’s not exactly how it works. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the most weight you should lose […]

Top 5 Brain Boosting Foods

Lights of ideas

Your brain needs energy to work and certain foods can either boost your brain power, or slow it down. Here’s a list of 5 healthy, natural foods that can give your brain the boost it needs. Top 5 Brain Boosting Foods 1.  Dark Chocolate Yes, chocolate is actually good for your brain, as long as […]

A Day Without Laughter is a Day Wasted

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin is incredibly famous for many things: acting, filmmaking, and composing, all within the silent film industry. And his stuff was funny. However, his life wasn’t always full of laughs. Chaplin was thrown on his own resources before he reached the age of ten, as the early death of his father and the subsequent […]

11 Tips To Interview Like a Pro

job interview

You can never be too prepared for an interview. Here are some job interview tips you can use to ensure you make the best possible impression and get the job you want. Interview Preparation 1. Do Your Research The more you prepare for an interview the easier it will be. Take advantage of the Internet […]

What the Male Birth Control Pill Means for Men

western medicine

Exploring the Ramifications of the Male Birth Control Pill It has been 50 years since the oral birth control pill, widely known as “The Pill”, made its first appearance in the United States. Since its inception, the pill has caused a tremendous amount of controversy that hasn’t seemed to simmer, ranging from religious opposition to […]

5 Reasons to Drink More Juice


Juicing is a popular way to get healthy and lose weight. From detoxification to overall better health, here are the top 5 reasons to drink juice. Benefits of Juicing A Great Way to “Sneak” in Your Daily Servings of Daily Fruits and Vegetables recommends eating three to five servings of vegetables and 2-4 servings […]

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