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7 Ways to Prevent a Cold

prevent a cold

Baby, it’s cold outside. And you know what that means…the season of the common cold has arrived. But before you isolate yourself in your sterilized bubble or break out your emergency supply of tissues, consider this: there are steps you can take to prevent a cold from coming on so you can get through this […]

Why Having Enemies is a Good Thing

winston churchill

Winston Churchill: a former British Prime Minister that is well known for his spirit, courage, and wisdom. Everyone knows his name, and certainly not just in Britain. However, he only became the Prime Minister at age 62. What happened in his life before that? Well, he wasn’t always a great speaker–in fact, he had a […]

Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss? Not So Fast…

intermittent fasting

If you’ve been even remotely involved in the nutrition or fitness community over the past few years, you at least know the term intermittent fasting (IF). Enthusiasts praise its pattern of orchestrated eating and abstaining for everything from improved immunity to mental clarity and, of course, fast fat loss. IF involves periods of alternately eating […]

Having a Tough Day? Change That in 6 Minutes

Are you having a tough day? Or maybe you have some doubts about the dream you’ve been following. Well, it’s time to change that. Watch this 6 minute video and learn: why you need to get rid of negative people from your life the power of spending time by yourself why investing in yourself is […]

Rich Habits: What the Wealthiest People Do

rich habits

 “We are what we repeatedly do.” ~Aristotle Do you want to have more money? One of the fastest ways to learn how to get anything is to mimic the behaviors of people who already have what you want. If you want to be healthier, spend time with healthy people. If you want to be funnier, […]

Did the “Biggest Loser” Winner Lose Too Much Weight?

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 3.37.39 PM

If you’ve ever seen  the Biggest Loser on NBC you know how much work & effort it takes the finalists to lose as much weight as they do. But some people think that Rachel Frederickson, a 24 year old voice-over artist, went too far. Rachel started the season at 260 pounds and dropped 155 pounds […]

The Ultimate Guide to Fitness Minimalism

fitness minimalism

In all matters of life, you should seek to increase your efficiency. Fitness and health is no exception. And fitness minimalism is really and ultimately the intersection between effectiveness (doing the right things) and efficiency (doing things right). To find this point of intersection, you need only ask yourself one single essential question: what is […]

An Open Letter to a Person on their First Day in the World

kid president party

You may have heard of Kid President. If not, he’s pretty much an incredible kid who makes awesome, inspiring videos. And hey, since that’s what we’re all about, we wanted to share some of that love! In this video you’ll see: why you should give people high five’s treating everybody like it’s their birthday is […]

Inspiyr’s Person of the Day: Albert Einstein


“I may be smart, but I’m no Einstein.” Can you imagine being so smart, so known in the field of science, that your name is commonly synonymous with incredible intelligence? Einstein is known for his groundbreaking discoveries in the field of science, and his name will go down in history for all of mankind. But […]

Want to Gain Muscle? Eat Your Carbs!


Repeat after me: Carbs Aren’t Evil! Carbs tend to get a bad rap, but there is nothing intrinsically wrong with them. Rather, “carb abuse” or loading up on low-quality carbs morning, noon and night is the real problem. Along with eating the right carbs, it’s important to eat your meals at the right times throughout […]

6 Health Tips for the Weekend Warrior

weekend warrior

If you’ve been using your weekends to their athletic maximum to make up for sedentary time during the week, congratulations, weekend warrior! Weekend sports and outdoor adventures like team sports, hikes, swimming and skiing are good for both the mind and the body. Your well-earned weekend recreation has the added benefits of boosting your mood, […]

Chivalry Isn’t Dead! 3 Ways To Become a Gentleman


Several decades ago, being a gentleman was more about social status than behavior. For instance, level of education, financial and social status of family, and source of income were the characteristics that distinguished gentlemen from the déclassé. In other words, heritage and birthright trumped actions and behaviors. Today, the definition of a gentleman could not […]

5 Foods That Are Great For Your Brain

Lights of ideas

Your brain needs energy to work and certain foods can either boost your brain power, or slow it down. Here’s a list of 5 healthy, natural foods that can give your brain the boost it needs. Top 5 Brain Boosting Foods 1.  Dark Chocolate Yes, chocolate is actually good for your brain, as long as […]

A Day Without Laughter is a Day Wasted

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin is incredibly famous for many things: acting, filmmaking, and composing, all within the silent film industry. And his stuff was funny. However, his life wasn’t always full of laughs. Chaplin was thrown on his own resources before he reached the age of ten, as the early death of his father and the subsequent […]

11 Tips To Interview Like a Pro

job interview

You can never be too prepared for an interview. Here are some job interview tips you can use to ensure you make the best possible impression and get the job you want. Interview Preparation 1. Do Your Research The more you prepare for an interview the easier it will be. Take advantage of the Internet […]

Introducing the Birth Control Pill…For Men!

western medicine

It has been 50 years since the oral birth control pill, widely known as “The Pill”, made its first appearance in the United States. Since its inception, the pill has caused a tremendous amount of controversy that hasn’t seemed to simmer, ranging from religious opposition to the belief that birth control promotes sexual promiscuity. Regardless, […]

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