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Three Easy Steps to Manage Time Effectively

time management

Whether you’re a student, business owner, or a stay at home parent, learning how to manage time effectively is critical if you want to boost your productivity and cut unnecessary stress from your life. Here’s how to do it in three steps. Manage Time Effectively in Three Steps 1. Determine Your Goals Setting goals is […]

Achieve Your Goal: The Infographic

law of attraction - rainbow eye

We’ve taken a look at two popular systems that can help you learn how to achieve your goals – the Law of Attraction and Mental Toughness – and laid out the steps each system suggests will help you achieve any goal you have. (See the full story, here.) It doesn’t matter if you want to […]

8 Tips to Start Running

tips to start running

I wish I could tell you that I was inspired to run because of fitness, vanity or even the thought of feeling good. Instead, I was inspired to run through dissonance. It All Started One Morning… I was waking morning after morning with anger, irritation and resentment. Between 4-6am, my two young daughters would wander […]

5 Tools for Tackling Any Challenging Situation

tools to tackle any situation

Imagine this scenario: Your boss tells you the organization is downsizing their local office. If you want to stay on, you’ll have to relocate 400 miles away. What do you do? Here’s what most people would do: shut down. Or get angry. Or maybe even feel hurt. Even though these are natural responses, they can […]

3 Ways to Build Your “Good Enough”

good enough

We each have strengths, no matter how obscure. We also have self-worth. It’s both that keep us aiming higher. The heights of our aspirations are stunted only by the lack of trust and belief we have in ourselves. When you don’t hold yourself in high regard, you lack that trust and belief. That not-good-enough can gradually grow […]

5 Money Lessons Learned from Playing the Game of Monopoly


If you’ve spent hours when you were younger – or still do – playing the game of Monopoly, know that you were actually learning valuable lessons in everyday spending, saving and investing. Don’t believe me? Do you think that Monopoly is just about rolling dice and truly a matter of luck? Why Monopoly is a […]

6 Reasons Beer is Good For You

Beer is good for you

Beer lovers, rejoice! Not only does beer taste great, and make you feel “buzzed” on life…beer is good for you! As pints are poured in bars and restaurants across the country, know that drinking beer has real health benefits*. 6 Health Benefits of Drinking Beer 1. Decrease Incidence of Heart Disease There are more than 20 […]

Is It Crowded in Here? How Over-Population Effects the Environment

overpopulation environment

Learn How Over-Population Strains the Planet’s Resources, Propagates Global Warming Climate Change Is Real In July of 2012, a long-time climate change skeptic named Richard Muller wrote an article for the New York Times stating that he had been converted, and his change of heart had come about in the most scientific way possible. In […]

Are You a Workplace Bully?

workplace bully

Are you a bully at work? Would you know it if you were? Or, maybe you just have to work with one? If you’re stuck working next to someone who belittles others, acts irrationally, or otherwise causes you and your co-workers to dread going to the office, you’ll likely want some tools to help manage […]

6 Ways to Become Happy


More often than not, do you feel truly happy? If your answer is no, that’s something we need to fix. Um, yeah. Fix all of my life problems? I’ll get on that right away. I’m going to ignore your delightful sarcasm and make a disclaimer here: your life will never be perfect in the strictest […]

Listen Better in 5 Steps

listen better

According to the International Listening Association (ILA), people normally retain only half of what we hear immediately after hearing it, and a measley 20 percent as time goes on. But you can be better than that. Learn how to listen better by following these 5 tips so you can retain more information during a conversation. […]

The Problem with Toxins

2006-08-15 - Road Trip - Day 23 - United States - California - San Francisco - Sign - Warning Pesticides - Fire Will Cause Toxic Fumes - Skull and Crossbones - mustache - graffiti

Have you ever been concerned about the effects toxins can have on your health? If not, you should. With overeating, lack of exercise, and pollution on the rise, your body is at risk for toxin build-up. Toxins can enter your system through your diet and environment, sapping your energy and spreading disease. But with the […]

Why You Need More Sunlight: The Benefits of Vitamin D


Do you enjoy basking in the sun, but are scared to do it because of all the warnings you hear? While too much sun can be bad for your health, so can too little. Researchers at Central Washington University claim that 77% of people are vitamin D deficient because they don’t get enough sunlight. Vitamin D […]

Porn Addiction Increases with Tech Reliance

A Study in Oiled Up Booty

Dependence on Porn Is a Growing Concern, Especially for Young Men Sometimes, people turn to pornography for a bit of excitement in their lives. At the time, it may seem like a casual, non-detrimental event in which to partake. But in truth, there is so much more to pornography than what appears on computer screens, […]

Baby Daddy Drama: The Controversy Surrounding Single Fathers

Help a Single Father to see his daughter again and keep his two American Pitbull Terriers at the same time ... Please help Fight BSL discrimination NOW

Recent Increase in Single Fathers Creates Debate, Proves Adaptability Traditionally, women have been regarded as the ultimate gender when it comes to parenting. Before they obtained important positions in the job market, their primary duties were to stay home and take care of the household, their husband, and their children. So, it’s no surprise that […]

Leadership Quotes From American Hero General Schwarzkopf

general schwarzkopf leadership quotes

General Normal Schwarzkopf, most famously known for leading the American-led international coalition that drove Iraqi forces from Kuwait in 1991, has passed away due to complications from pneumonia at the age of 78. Throughout his career he was known for his incredible leadership skills and devotion to the military. From his early education at West […]

Spider Bites, Bee Stings, and Other Strange Medicines

poison frog

Strange Medicine: Try Them if You Dare! Mankind will go to incredible lengths for the sake of good health. From acupuncture to aromatherapy, we’ve tried nearly everything to rid us of our everyday aches and pains – and sometimes, we turn to other members of the animal kingdom for help. Scientists and therapists have developed […]

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