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Four Ways to Speed Up Healing by Surrendering


Because I’m a physician, people often ask me, “What’s the most important factor in recovering from illness?” To their surprise, my answer is always “surrender.” They’re expecting recommendations that are more conventionally “proactive,” such as diet, the proper medications, or reducing stress — all of which are potentially beneficial. Surrender is the engine that drives all […]

5 Minutes to Get More Excited About Life

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 12.56.31 PM

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you feel like you’re not living life to the max? Do yourself a favor and watch this short video featuring filmmaker and adventurer Casey Neistat go on a 10-day trip of a lifetime. After you’re done watching it, ask yourself what you can do to get more passion […]

Let Your Passion Be Your Guide


J.K. Rowling: creator of the beloved Harry Potter series that lines everyone’s book shelves, as well as an inspiration to writers everywhere. However, before the wonderful tales of witchcraft and wizardry at Hogwarts was penned, Rowling didn’t have such a blessed life. Hers is truly a tale of rags to riches. Her mother passed away […]

4 Diet Food Marketing Tricks Designed To Keep You Fat

4 food marketing tricks that make you fat

It’s a pretty safe bet that most folks looking to lose weight would rather take the silver bullet approach to dieting and go for the microwaveable-ready meal road to a slimmer, sexier body, than spend 2 hours a day sweating it out in the gym. It’s an unhealthy fact that weight loss shortcuts sell, and […]

Five Laws for Doing The Impossible

the impossible

Have you ever had a burning desire to do something that others deemed impossible?  We’ve all heard it before: You’re crazy; there’s no way anyone can do that; get real; and stop dreaming. But despite what the naysayers and critics might say, it is possible to do what others see as impossible. Many things that […]

If At First You Don’t Succeed…


We see Ford cars zoom past us probably a hundred times a day. Everyone knows the Ford car company, an incredibly successful creation of Henry Ford’s. However, this company was not Henry Ford’s first. In fact, Ford failed with not just one business venture, but two before the Ford car company took off. Though he endured […]

6 Tips for Reaching the Height of Your Physical Well Being

physical well-being

No matter where you are in your journey towards better health, there are a few ways to make it to that next level. Whether you’re just starting to exercise and eat healthy or you’ve just completed your 10th marathon race, it’s always a good idea to remember some core basics. These are a few extra […]

7 Things to Remember When Life Gets You Down

life gets you down

Life gets rough for everyone at one time or another. So what is the difference between the people who not only recover from the bad patch but actually end up better for it? The answer is this: the people who can reframe the situation and put into proper perspective. And this usually means changing the […]

Why You Should Be Nice to Nerds


Bill Gates: known for his company, Microsoft, for sure…but probably better known as the richest man in the world at a net worth of approximately $72 billion. Give us some of that money, eh? No, he shouldn’t, because Bill Gates is also perhaps one of the most generous men in the world. It’s not clear […]

5 Things You Need To Know About the FDA Food Label Changes


Do you find food labels tricky to navigate? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is worried that you do. And they want to remedy that. They have proposed a few changes to the design and content of that black-and-white food label on the back of your groceries. Don’t fret—these changes will help, not hurt. They […]

4 Best Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Water Spire

Tired of buying cases and cases of expensive bottled water? There’s lots of evidence that bottled water is not only expensive, but also bad for the environment. But don’t worry…there are many ways to cut costs and go green in the process. Here are a few of the best refillable water bottle options. Try buying […]

How to Create a Survival Kit

survival kit - matches

Nowadays it’s all too common for tornados, hurricanes, or man-made disasters to strike without warning. During a time of crisis, those who are prepared have a higher likelihood of survival than those who don’t. If you want to make sure you’re ready when disaster strikes, you may want to create a survival kit. 4 Steps […]

The Worst Way to Get What You Want: Common Interests

common interests

Very often when people are engaged in negotiation – at work, within the family, or when they’re shopping for “stuff” – someone tries to come up with a solution based on fulfilling common interests. Well let me tell you a little secret….looking for common interests is a dream! Anyone who has been on a family […]

A Metaphor About Happiness

Be Ok 92/365

Having authored a book about happiness, I am a target for questions on the subject, and that’s fair enough. The one asked most often, in one form or another, is “how do I find it?” This view places happiness squarely in the lost-and-found box with the flip-flops and the t-shirt to that concert you’ve now […]

How to Improve Your Credit Score: The Ultimate Guide


Your credit score is one of the most important digits in your life. A high score is an asset for your personal finances and career; a low score, meanwhile, can land you in serious debt and even legal trouble.  Photo by: Anthrocopy    Judging from the never-ending stream of credit report ads on TV, though, […]

Four of the World’s Healthiest Foods

world's healthiest foods

High in vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, the world’s healthiest foods can also surprisingly be some of the tastiest. We’ve taken 4 of the best, and used our imagination to bring you some lip smacking ideas to make the most of what nature has to offer. We certainly don’t claim that the […]

5 Steps to Find Your Values in Life (And Why You Need to Follow Them)

holy sacred threads

Values are those often talked about, even more often abused things by mediocre corporations but rarely understood parts of our personal DNA and early nurturing.  Those things that collectively define who we are as a human being. Knowing and sticking to your values can keep you healthy, happy and successful…and doing otherwise can lead to […]

Words of Encouragement: 39 Quotes For When You Need Them Most

words of encouragement

Do you find yourself deeply in need of some words of encouragement? Everyone does from time to time. Life can get a little dicey sometimes, and it can be difficult to keep yourself sunny and motivated. But sometimes, you just need a change of perspective–and words of encouragement from some truly inspirational people can help […]

6 Ways to Become Happy


More often than not, do you feel truly happy? If your answer is no, that’s something we need to fix. Um, yeah. Fix all of my life problems? I’ll get on that right away. I’m going to ignore your delightful sarcasm and make a disclaimer here: your life will never be perfect in the strictest […]

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