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Healthy Living Tips: 9 Ways to Stay Healthy For Life

healthy living tips - sit-ups

Did you ever make a promise to yourself that you were going to get healthier? Maybe you wanted to lose weight, get stronger, have more energy, or just feel better. Or maybe you were under doctor’s orders to eat right and exercise more. Well, that all sounds great. We all want to improve our health. […]

5 Natural Sweeteners to Add to Your Diet

natural sweetener - maple syrup

Do you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without adding empty calories or chemicals to your diet? If so, you may want to try natural sweeteners. That’s because even though you may love the taste of sugar, studies have shown that too much can lead to weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease. This is especially […]

Set Your Goals: The First Step to Success

set your goals - bullseye

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” ~Henry David Thoreau Do you have an important goal you’re working toward right now? If not, you should change that…today. You see, goals are incredibly important in life. Whether you want to be healthier, happier, or […]

5 Remarkable Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

health benefits of dark chocolate

Chocolate lovers around the globe can finally rejoice! It’s a fabulous fact that there has now been over a decade of articles published in scientific journals confirming that everyone’s favorite treat has proven health benefits. As some of these studies elevate chocolate to almost superfood status, it’s enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. […]

How to Promote Yourself at Work


The economy has created a new environment for all workers, regardless of position, age or job function. Today, you have to be accountable for yourself, not rely on others and stay relevant to the ever changing marketplace. If you don’t, you won’t be employable because it’s easier today, than ever before, to replace you with […]

6 Health Benefits of Pets

health benefits of pets

Do you have a pet? If so, why? Your answer may be simple: your pet is adorable. And I’d say, good reason. However, although your undying love for your pet is a good enough explanation on its own, research suggests that there’s an added bonus to having Fluffy in your life: he may be helping […]

How To Get Motivated From Within

Get Motivated  v2 - today tomorrow

Did you ever want to get motivated to do something important in your life? Maybe you wanted to start a new exercise program, or begin eating healthy. Or, maybe you were going to try to improve a personal relationship, or have more success at work. Deciding to make an important change in your life can […]

5 Ways to Be Prepared in the Fight Against Cancer


Whether you were a Boy Scout or not, you are familiar with the advice to be prepared. In battle, at the office, or qualifying for a merit badge, nowhere does being well prepared pay off more than when facing cancer, for yourself or a loved one. While there are a lot of factors that determine […]

5 Simple Steps to Healthy Eating

healthy eating - berries

Have you ever heard the saying, “you are what you eat”? Well, that’s even truer today than it was when those words were first said. That’s because the foods that many of us eat are filled with chemicals and other nasty stuff that can cause obesity, diabetes, cancer, and more. Healthy eating just wasn’t as easy as […]

Brutal Basics of Time Management

time management clock

Effective time management is apparently elusive. Witness the massive industry dedicated to helping us navigate the clock more successfully. We have software programs, day planners, apps, calendars, training programs – you name it. I find that most of these resources are only modestly useful. My theory is that the thinkers behind these products have over-thought the problem. They have […]

9 Benefits of Meditation

benefits of meditation

Until recently, lots of people believed meditation was an archaic form of therapy and spiritual practice that was practiced only by followers of eastern religions. But meditation has proven to be a valuable tool that can improve many aspects of life. From increased confidence to reduced stress, see all the benefits of meditation that can […]

4 Easy Steps to Happiness

be happier, smile

The fast pace of modern society can make even the happiest person feel stressed. Making this even worse is the continuous media coverage bombarding us with an endless stream of bad news. It leaves many people with a constant low-level feeling of anxiety and depression, a sense of unease lurking just beneath the surface of […]

How to Attract Your Goals to You

goal achievement system

Goal setting, as it’s traditionally taught, can improve our lives, but it does not get to the heart of success. After many years of studying and teaching goal-setting techniques, I have found that there are three levels of emotion that are necessary to attract success. The First Level—Desire Desiring something creates a powerful energy that […]

How to Network Like a Millionaire

network like a millionaire

The recipe for financial success has many ingredients. Some ingredients are more important than others. But there is one ingredient that all wealthy people put in their success recipe all the time and in abundance: fanatical attention to developing strong, long-lasting relationships. Building valuable relationships is one of the cornerstones to financial success. Relationships must […]

7 Health Benefits of Garlic


If you could only use one ingredient to add flavor to your cooking for the rest of your life, what would it be? Many might say garlic. That’s right, garlic: an appetizing cooking ingredient that moonlights as a defender against vampires. However, one more title can be added to garlic’s impressive resume: defender of the […]

Starving for Health? Nourish Yourself in 3 Ways

nourish yourself - meditate

Encarta defines “starve” as ‘to weaken or die because of hunger’ or simply ‘to be hungry; to feel deprived of a need’. As Americans, the later is embarrassingly truer than in the rest of the world, but still we persist in our over indulgence, and in the conditioning of our culturally misguided and generally toxic […]

5 Steps to Take Control of Your Life

one way - take control of your life

How many people trudge through life doing the same thing day in and day out? Does this sound familiar? Alarm clock goes off. Morning routine, dressed, breakfast and out the door to the morning drive. Arrive at the office, 2 hours of the day gone. Emails, responses, voice mails, call backs, need coffee, greet coworkers, […]

Why You Need to Stress Less

stress cascade

If you’re anything like most patients I see, your life can be full of stress, deadlines, and bad relationships, not to even mention dealing with the dreaded multi-tasking over-aggressive Dale Earnhardt want-to-be in rush-hour traffic every now and then. But did you know that stress is bad for your health? Some experts believe that stress […]

Straight Razor Shaving: An Old-School Tradition for the Modern Man

Day 163

The Benefits of Straight Razor Shaving Want to get a close shave, save money, and look tough as hell? Then consider straight razor shaving; the shave that will separate the men from the boys. In recent years, shaving has changed drastically. Razors have evolved to utilize two, three, or four blades, sacrificing the best shave […]

10 Tips to Reduce Stress

stress less - hammock

Stress got you down? Feeling like it has sunk its teeth into you. Drained your energy? Or worse still ruined your sex life? Everyone has to deal with stress at some point in their life. It is something we can all count on. It is a constant. But there are tried and true ways you […]

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