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Words of Encouragement: 39 Quotes For When You Need Them Most

words of encouragement

Do you find yourself deeply in need of some words of encouragement? Everyone does from time to time. Life can get a little dicey sometimes, and it can be difficult to keep yourself sunny and motivated. But sometimes, you just need a change of perspective–and words of encouragement from some truly inspirational people can help […]

5 Surprising Benefits of Training Your Glutes


Booty, butt, derriere, backside, rump, fanny, keister, caboose, tush. So many different names for the one body part everyone wants to build, tighten and tone. By far the largest and strongest group of muscles in your body, the gluteals (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus) and the hamstrings (biceps femoris, semitendinosus and semimembranosus) work […]

Why You Should Never Quit on Your Dreams


Everyone’s heard of Seinfeld, one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. “No soup for you!” Seinfeld, as well as Jerry Seinfeld himself, are both beloved parts of today’s popular culture. Jerry Seinfeld is known for his hilarious stand-up. However, Seinfeld’s career wasn’t all laughs. Seinfeld had to work incredibly hard to get where […]

5 Tips for Getting Your Dream Job

Asian Caucasian mixed race businessman with a laptop computer

Do you need to truly transform your work life, or find your dream job? Whether you want a brand new position, a significant pay raise, or need some fresh direction in your hum-drum, 9-to-5 world, here are a few key sure-fire methods for turning your working wishes into a rockin’ ready reality! Tips for Getting […]

6 Ways to Become Happy


More often than not, do you feel truly happy? If your answer is no, that’s something we need to fix. Um, yeah. Fix all of my life problems? I’ll get on that right away. I’m going to ignore your delightful sarcasm and make a disclaimer here: your life will never be perfect in the strictest […]

6 Benefits of Having a Healthy Sex Life

healthy sex life

No matter how different we all are, we all have one thing in common: we all enjoy great sex. I’m not talking about so-so, hum-drum sex here. I’m talking about the hot and heavy stuff that leaves you weak in the knees and feeling blissful for the rest of the day. Heh, yeah, that’s nice. […]

6 Tips for Overcoming Obstacles

overcoming obstacles

Got an obstacle you want to overcome? Have you been down in the dumps because you didn’t get the job you want? Are you heart-broken because of a “failed” relationship? It may not be easy to believe, but you can learn to take these obstacles and turn them into something more positive. Not sure how? […]

5 Reasons Burst Training is the Perfect Fat Loss Exercise

burst training

“Where did January and February go?” my friend asked the other day when I phoned him on my drive to Los Angeles. “I’m not complaining because winter has been brutal, but… Can it really be March already?” As the weather so often reminds us, time passes quickly. In Palms Springs where I live, we don’t […]

3 Easy Tips for Reducing Stress and Staying Healthy in Wintertime


We’re in the last stretch of winter, and spring is right around the corner! But that won’t make these last few weeks of winter any warmer. Wintertime comes with unique challenges for staying healthy, including low temperatures, which can make outdoor activities less likely, and viruses that make infections more likely.  In order to maintain […]

How to Raise Happy Kids

raise happy kids - girl playing hopscotch

Whether you’ve got children or are planning to have a couple someday, it’s likely you’ll want them to be happy. After all, that’s what we’re all here for, right?  But how can you raise happy kids? That’s the question that most parents want to know. And we don’t mean just happy kids as in “give little Johnny […]

How to Network Like a Millionaire

network like a millionaire

The recipe for financial success has many ingredients. Some ingredients are more important than others. But there is one ingredient that all wealthy people put in their success recipe all the time and in abundance: fanatical attention to developing strong, long-lasting relationships. Building valuable relationships is one of the cornerstones to financial success. Relationships must […]

5 Tips To Drink Less Alcohol


Learn How To Reduce Your Alcohol Intake A recent article on Inspiyr explained the negative side effects of overindulging on America’s favorite beverage: alcohol. But the extra-long list of consequences may not be enough to wean you off of alcohol, so we’ve compiled a list of helpful hints and tips to help you cut back […]

Top Reasons to Eat Organic Foods

organic foods

Ever hear the saying, “you are what you eat”? With so many toxins and chemicals making their way into our food supply, that’s not a very comforting thought. But there’s hope. Organic foods are made without pesticides, pink slime and weird-science tricks. Organic foods are made simply and humanely and are much better for your […]

How to Save Money on Must-Have Technology


Do you want to own the newest technology without going broke? Follow these tips to get the best tech gadgets on a budget. Here are 5 steps to finding a great deal on the latest tech gear: 1) Find the right product: Nearly all new tech products have competitors, so shop around to narrow down […]

15 Exercises You Can Do From Your Desk


So what’s a worker chained to his or her desk to do? Luckily, short bouts of aerobics, strength exercises, and stretching in between conference calls and Gchats can help improve fitness levels and heart health. While these deskercises, or desk exercises for the cubicle-bound, won’t promise Olympic mile times or the ultimate six-pack abs, they […]

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

health benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon is in everything from baked good to desserts to coffee drinks, and for good reason…it’s tastes great! But did you know that there are many health benefits of cinnamon, too? What is Cinnamon? Obtained from the cinnamon tree, cinnamon has a fragrant smell as well as a sweet taste and is widely available in […]

How to Attract Success to You

goal achievement system

Goal setting, as it’s traditionally taught, can improve our lives, but it does not get to the heart of success. After many years of studying and teaching goal-setting techniques, I have found that there are three levels of emotion that are necessary to attract success. The First Level—Desire Desiring something creates a powerful energy that […]

4 Ways to Work Well with Your Boss

work well with your boss

It’s not a marriage. It’s not even a civil union. But your relationship with your boss is one of the most important relationships you will have in life. Your boss can sometimes make you or break you. Here are four tips to help you work well with your boss so you can have the job, […]

How to Take Control of Your Life

one way - take control of your life

Are you being intentional in your day to day activities so you are living the life you want? If not, why not? It is still your life, right? If you aren’t driving it, who is?

You’ll Be Amazed When You See How This Woman Quits Her Job


Work. It can be hard, long, and annoying. But we at Inspiyr encourage you to chase after your dreams and do something that you love to do. After all, your job likely takes up at least 8 hours of your day – and that’s 8 hours you should spend happy! This woman realized that she […]

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