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4 Ways to Use Positive Reinforcement to Achieve Your Goals

positive reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement can help you improve your life dramatically, by providing incentives on your way to achieving any of the goals you set for yourself. Follow these 4 simple steps and learn how to use positive reinforcement to accomplishing anything. But First…What Exactly is Positive Reinforcement? Positive reinforcement is presenting a pleasant reward or treat to increase […]

The Benefits of Friendship

benefits of friendship

Back in grade school, making new friends seemed so easy. All you needed was a few shared hobbies and values, and maybe a couple laughs on the playground, and an unbreakable bond would be forged. Friendship is no less important later in life; all manner of difficult experiences and awkward changes are easier to bear […]

How to Understand Food Labels in 11 Steps

food labels

Food labels: black and white boxes and text that only scientists can understand. Right? Wrong! Food labels aren’t as complicated as they seem. Here are eleven steps to navigate them like a pro to keep yourself healthy and well! How to Navigate Food Labels 1. Serving Size / Servings per Container The serving size is one […]

Simplify Your Diet: The Benefits of Healthy Green Smoothies

green smoothie

If you are anything like me, you’ve looked high and low for “the” secret to eating right and getting all your nutrition and feeling good about the food you eat, both physically and emotionally. You have tried diet after diet in search of answers. For years. And you are tired of fad diets, popular “magic […]

The Kindness Cure: 4 Ways Being Nice Can Be Good For Your Health


From handling emotional situations with care to simple gestures like holding a door open for a stranger,  there is no question that kindness makes a positive impact. Whether you are on the giving or receiving end, it’s an undeniably wonderful feeling. Experts are now learning there is even more to kindness than we previously thought. Evidently, it doesn’t […]

To All Mothers: Thank You.

mother's day

Mothers, we appreciate you. And you are appreciated by many. Every one of us was put onto this earth because of mothers. But that’s not all. No, carrying us around for 9 months, birthing us, all that was just the beginning. Trips to the ice cream parlor, stories at bedtime, Christmas presents under the tree. […]

How You Can Use Mindfulness To Relieve Your Stress


Mindfulness is a term that is being used more and more often, but for many it is not clear what it is and how it is done. Mindfulness is the practice or state of being completely in the present moment. So often we are pulled in one direction and the next, sometimes all at once! […]

Watch A Surprise Football Star Score Big With This Inspiring Play


There’s always an opportunity to make someone’s day…or week…or life. That’s what the Olivet Eagles demonstrated by their amazing play. The Michigan middle school football team planned an amazing play. As the comedian John Mulaney once said, “Thirteen-year-olds are the meanest people in the world. They terrify me to this day.” However, these boys go […]

How to Prevent Heart Disease in 3 Steps

how to prevent heart disease

Living in a fast-paced world often leaves little time for making those drastic lifestyle changes that doctors recommend; after all, it’s difficult to plan a balanced meal when fast food chains offer quick and cheap alternatives, and it’s tough to get motivated to exercise with a schedule packed with work, family, and television. But it’s […]

Top 10 Best Commencement Speeches Ever Given

graduation speech

Graduation speeches are supposed to be the last lesson students learn before embarking on their journey into the “real world”. So how can one person sum up everything they have learned in about twenty minutes? What advice can they possibly share with new grads that will prepare them for…well… the rest of their lives? In […]

10 Ways to Recharge Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

mind body spirit

Moving to the next chapter in our life, whether it’s a new relationship, new job, new home, or new body, can be an exciting time. The problem is that most of us still have a lot of “stuff” we’re thinking about from the past that can hold us back from the future we deserve. Before we […]

7 Ways to Get Motivated to Exercise

get motivated to exercise

A number of studies have corroborated the fact that exercise has a positive and significant effect on people with depression. The act of moving your body, and doing it consistently, helps to counteract negative emotions that get in the way of your happiness. That’s all well and good, you say. But if you’re feeling down […]

Is Wheat Bad For You? 7 Alarming Reasons Why

is wheat bad for you - wheat bread

Do you know someone with celiac disease—that is, an extreme sensitivity to gluten? I remember my first time meeting someone with celiac disease. As they gazed longingly at the pizza I was eating, I remember thinking, “Man, I’m so glad I don’t have that.” Never did I think that six years later, I’d have cut […]

4 Health Benefits of Eating Bamboo Shoots


At the time of closing on the purchase of my first home, I was reminded by my real estate agent that the previous owners had planted bamboo along the backyard fence.  My agent was a motherly figure, whose commission was moments away, selflessly paused and reminded me of the work involved in controlling the bamboo […]

4 Self Massage Techniques You Can Do Anywhere

self massage - feet

Picture this; your stress melting away, your aches and pains being eased, and your mind entering a relaxed state. Does it sound like the only way to get that feeling is to spend the day at an expensive spa? While spending time at a spa is a great way to relax and recharge, you can […]

Low Carb Diet Linked to Increased Metabolism


All calories are the same, right? Perhaps not. Once you shed the pounds, the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats you chowed down on may effect whether or not you keep the weight off. In a seven-month experiment during which 21 overweight people had their diets strictly controlled down to each bite, researchers showed that a […]

5 Healthy Food Substitutions for Fat Loss

healthy food substitutions - sweet potato fries

As you’re tempted to reach for another gooey pecan pumpkin torte your pastry chef best friend lovingly made, you suddenly remember you have a must-attend office party next week where you’re sure to be photographed, and a pang of regret surges through your veins. Healthy eating during the holidays doesn’t mean deprivation or puritanically abstaining […]

7 Steps For Lasting Fat Loss

fat loss

Fat loss is a slippery slope, and an innucous negligance or simple mistake can become a downward spiral into the warm baklava your coworker brought into work. The path to fat loss is littered with land mines and roadblocks, yet with some careful maneuvering you can reach your goals with minimal frustration. Over the years […]

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