How To Develop Mental Toughness

Do you have a goal you want to achieve?

Maybe you want to be healthier. Or have more confidence. Or, maybe you want to be in a better relationships.

Whatever it is, achieving a goal isn’t always easy. Research shows that only eight percent of people are actually successful in achieving their goals.

So how can you be a part of that 8 percent? The answer, in short, is mental toughness.

mental toughness

What is Mental Toughness?

Mental toughness is a term that describes a frame of mind in which people stop at nothing to achieve their goals. It’s a no excuse, results-driven, winner-takes-all mindset. And my research has shown that people with strong mental toughness skills are more successful than those without them. Luckily, there are ways you can sharpen your mental toughness tools and make great things happen.

11 Ways to be Mentally Tough

1. It’s Not Winning but Wanting To Win That Matters

Winners have a “whatever it takes” attitude. They’ve made the decision to pay any price and bear any burden in the name of victory. Before you begin, ask yourself if you’re willing to do anything and everything to accomplish your goals. Without this level of commitment, you’re not going to be successful.

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2. Don’t Expect it to Be Easy

Many people think accomplishing their goals is going to be a walk in the park. When they run into an obstacle they immediately seek escape. Realize that some days will be tougher than others. While you can’t change that, you can take control of how you handle these situations. Have a plan to push forward when this happens. If you’re not ready to suffer during adversity, you’re not going to be successful.

3. Don’t Focus on How to Do It. Instead, Focus on Why Should I Do It?

Ask yourself, “Why do I want this goal to become a reality?” The intensity of emotion with which this question is answered will determine whether the dream comes alive or dies.

4. Get Super Detailed

One of the biggest reasons people don’t stick to their goals is because they aren’t clear about what they want to achieve. You must get really clear about what you want to change, define it in detail

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2 thoughts on “How To Develop Mental Toughness

  1. We set goals mostly to make our lives happier or for those around us.
    No one or not many people, will be determined to set out to make us happy.
    Alot of the time its about being stubborn and time specific.
    But don’t be too hard on yourself when you don’t reach these targets, as this will happen.
    Just try to be more determined to hit the next goal on time.
    All successful achievements are often in a chain of things to do, break big targets down to manageable blocks.
    Rewarding yourself for reaching targets is important too.

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