Achieve Your Goal: The Infographic

We’ve taken a look at two popular systems that can help you learn how to achieve your goals – the Law of Attraction and Mental Toughness – and laid out the steps each system suggests will help you achieve any goal you have. (See the full story, here.)

It doesn’t matter if you want to be healthier, fitter, richer, or happier, these systems offer a process that can help you live the life you’ve only dreamed of.

While there are similarities between these two schools – setting a SMART goal and visualizing success – the real difference is in the object of your focus as you reach your goal, depending on the system you choose.

For the Law of Attraction to work, you’ll need to focus on the end result in order to get your subconscious mind, and the universe, on your side.

If you want to be Mentally Tough, it’s all about the process. Each day you’ll need to focus on the tasks that will help you achieve your goal, and pursue them relentlessly.

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Here’s the steps for each system. Which do you think is more effective?


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Thanks to Jim Jensen and Dr. Jason Selk for their insight and expertise on each respective system.

Design Credit: Danielle Pearson

Featured photo by Ben Mortimer Photography

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