4 Fun Ways to Exercise on Your Way to Work

bike to work commute

Lack of time, work, and life’s daily commitments are all common excuses people use for skipping their workouts. Well those won’t work anymore! Here are 4 fun ways to exercise while you’re on your way to the office. 1. Bike to work Although 41 percent of commute lengths are under a 5-mile distance, less than […]

The Worst Fast Food Concoctions of 2012

fast food caveman

Do you remember a few years back, when most people cared at least a little about their health? Fast food chains tried to keep up, adding healthier menu items and substituting fries with salads and apple slices. The gimmick worked – for awhile. But with the recent public paranoia over both the nutritional content and […]

What You Should Eat to Fuel your Workouts: Carbs, Fats, Protein

strawberries carbs protein fat

The human body, like any machine, needs high quality fuel in order to function at its very best. For athletes, whose bodies may be the most fine-tuned and remarkable machines on the planet, this requirement is especially critical. Without proper nutrition, an entire season of exercise and training can be entirely wasted, and competitions can […]

How to Be Fit Like an NFL Player

kerry rhodes

Whether you’re a pro athlete, lawyer, doctor, or office jockey, we all can struggle trying to be fit and healthy. Even with my level of experience, I need to work hard and stay dedicated to my routine to get the results I want. But at the end of the day, reaching your fitness goals comes […]

How to Prevent a Weight Lifting Injury

weight lifting injury

Follow These Tips to Avoid a Weight Lifting Injury Some guys know exactly when it happened. They may have heard a pop in their shoulder, or felt like someone slapped them hard across the back of their leg. For others, it wasn’t a sudden snap that sidelined their workouts; it was just gradual overuse that […]

The Benefits of Martial Arts

martial arts

If you’re looking for a way to improve your physical and mental health, while learning to defend yourself, you’ll want to explore the world of martial arts. Martial arts have evolved over the years in many different styles and disciplines. Styles range from Capoeira – a form of martial arts that blends with music and […]

Genetically Modified Foods: You Are What You Eat

genetically modified foods

Learn What Genetically Modified Foods Are and What They Mean for Consumers Genetically modified foods (GM Foods) are those that have been genetically altered in order to benefit producers and consumers; these foods are often created to resist disease, grow quicker, add nutritional value, or decrease allergy levels. But are they good for you, and […]

Top Reasons to Eat Organic Foods

organic foods

Ever hear the saying, “you are what you eat”? With so many toxins and chemicals making their way into our food supply, that’s not a very comforting thought. But there’s hope. Organic foods are made without pesticides, pink slime and weird-science tricks. Organic foods are made simply and humanely and are much better for your […]

Top 5 Foods That Boost Sex Drive


Although we all enjoy sex, sometimes we’re not in the right mood for it. Before Viagra was invented (well, before a lot of stuff was invented), humans relied on different types of food to increase sex drive. Not only do these foods provide nutrition, but they also help boost hormone production, energy levels, and sexual […]

Best Natural Supplements for Men

Ingredients for Elderberry Syrup

Is your doctor quick to prescribe a pill whenever you complain of a cough, sniffle or sprain? With side-effects for most modern medicines often worse then the illness they claim to cure, lots of men are opting for natural remedies and supplements to fix what ails them. Inspiyr recently spoke with Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, best-selling author […]

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