9 Ways to Avoid a Weight Lifting Injury

weight lifting injury

-+*Some people know exactly when it happened. They may have heard a pop in their shoulder, or felt like someone slapped them hard across the back of their leg. For others, it wasn’t a sudden snap that sidelined their workouts; it was just gradual overuse that caused joints or muscles to wear down. If you’ve […]

A Guide to the Many Benefits of Martial Arts

martial arts

-+*Martial arts have evolved over the years in many different styles and disciplines. Styles range from Capoeira – a form of martial arts that blends with music and dance – to Krav Maga – a martial arts form which focuses on dealing damage without a strict set of rules. Each martial arts style has its […]

Genetically Modified Foods: You Are What You Eat

genetically modified foods

-+*Genetically modified foods (GM Foods) are those that have been genetically altered in order to benefit producers and consumers; these foods are often created to resist disease, grow quicker, add nutritional value, or decrease allergy levels. But are they good for you, and the environment? The Controversy Although GM foods seem beneficial to consumers, they […]

Top Reasons to Eat Organic Foods

organic foods

-+*Ever hear the saying, “you are what you eat”? With so many toxins and chemicals making their way into our food supply, that’s not a very comforting thought. But there’s hope. Organic foods are made without pesticides, pink slime and weird-science tricks. Organic foods are made simply and humanely and are much better for your […]

You Are What You Eat: Foods That Boost Sex Drive


-+*Although we all enjoy sex, sometimes we’re not in the right mood for it. Before Viagra was invented (well, before a lot of stuff was invented), humans relied on different types of food to increase sex drive. Not only do these foods provide nutrition, but they also help boost hormone production, energy levels, and sexual […]

17 Fruits and Vegetables That Are Low in Carbohydrates

Eggs, beans, lentils and spinach breakfast

-+*Low-carbohydrate, or low-carb, diets have been promoted as a great way to lose weight and maintain muscle mass, but what foods should you eat when you’re following a low-carb regimen? Many natural fruits, vegetables, and meats contain a low amount of carbohydrates, which are enough to maintain a healthy nutritional carbohydrate level, but not excessive […]

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