7 Healing Foods That Boost Metabolism

fermented cabbage

-+*With summer quickly approaching, now is the best time to start eating more healing whole foods that boost your metabolism and help you lose weight naturally without counting calories or doing extreme diets. What Are Healing Foods? Healing foods are naturally cleansing which is the key to effortless weight loss. Excess weight is the result […]

The Best Mud Running Races to Challenge Yourself

Tough Mudder

-+*Mud running can be one of the most fun forms of physical exercise, but also the hardest. Overwhelming obstacles, both mental and physical, can stop even the strongest athlete. Runners will have to force themselves to continue, but that just makes crossing the finish line even more rewarding. Here’s a list of the top 5 […]

8 Great Home Exercise DVD’s


-+*Do you want to exercise, but hate going to the gym? If so, don’t worry – there’s lots of home workout DVD’s that can get you into great shape, without having any of those awkward “what-are-you-staring-at” moments in the locker room. So check out these exercise DVDs that can help you lose weight, get ripped, […]

iPhone Fitness Apps for Less than $5

iphone fitness app, lose it, eat this not that, treadmill, c25k, running, phone

-+*Do you have an IPhone? If so then you have a resource that can help you get into great shape and increase your overall health in the palm of your hand. Here is a list of five iPhone fitness apps for less than $5 that that will help you shape up and get healthy for […]

6 Fun-Runs Foodies Will Love

fun run, food lovers, krispy kreme

-+*The fun run craze has been sweeping the planet, promoting exercise, well-being, group fitness and fun. A select group of fun-runs, however, also promote a bulging waistline. And, well, if you’re going to over-indulge in sugary snacks or alcohol, I guess there’s no better time to do it then when you’re burning loads of calories […]

Why You Should Be Eating Functional Herbs

functional herbs, rooibos, tea

-+*As a yoga teacher, integrative therapist and student of Ayurveda, I see the impact that stress and unhealthy living has on the people around me everyday. As the mother of three, I’m also always juggling how to get the best possible return for my family and myself when it comes to nutrition. I’ve found that […]

Why Burst Training is Your Best Fat-Burning Workout

burst training

-+*You see these folks at your gym, huffing away on elliptical machines and waiting impatiently for aerobics classes. What if I told you the right exercise could give you better fat-burning, muscle-building, metabolism-boosting benefits than the hours treadmills and aerobics classes require, in just minutes a day? I know: it sounds like an infomercial, but […]

5 Benefits of Eating Avocado

health benefits of avocado

-+*If you’re anything like me, when you say, “Mexican food,” I say, “Guacamole!” That used to be the extent of my consumption of this small green fruit, but after reading about the countless health benefits of eating avocado, I’m a believer in its many uses and try to use it as much as possible. Plus, […]

37 Superfoods To Start Eating Today


-+*“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~Hippocrates   When the father of modern medicine said these words, it’s doubtful he knew just how important they would be thousands of years later. It seems that most people in America and other developed nations somehow don’t “get” that eating proper food is a […]

How To Order a Salad (The Right Way)


-+*Stop judging your best friend who just ordered a bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries. I’ve got some bad news: your gargantuan entrée salad packs more calories than that greasy carb-fat fiasco. “Bigger is better” seems the operative word in restaurants, and nowhere does size matter more than with those giant kitchen-sink salads. Even though […]

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