7 Fat Loss Tips During the Holidays

fat loss tips

-+*Her recollection sounded more like a sci-fi movie than a festive occasion. “I stuck with turkey, Brussels sprouts, and okay, maybe a little stuffing,” she began, recalling last Thanksgiving dinner. “Then my mother-in-law brought out her famous pecan-pumpkin cheesecake. One slice became my undoing. I reached for a second slice, and, well, the rest of […]

Coffee Nutrition Facts: 7 Things You Didn’t Know

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-+*For years, coffee has been America’s favorite hot beverage, providing bio-fuel for millions of morning commuters. In fact, the average person in the US drank 416 cups of it during 2009, despite frequent warnings from doctors and nutritionists over its caffeine content. Recent studies have shown, however, that coffee is much better for your health […]

7 Health Benefits of Garlic


-+*If you could only use one ingredient to add flavor to your cooking for the rest of your life, what would it be? Many might say garlic. That’s right, garlic: an appetizing cooking ingredient that moonlights as a defender against vampires. However, one more title can be added to garlic’s impressive resume: defender of the […]

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

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-+*You survived another summer and are heading into the holiday season. While this time can appear joyous it is a set up, designed to destroy many of the health goals you have worked so hard to achieve. The dreaded holiday BONANZA, better known as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, can derail any of your attempts […]

Is Wheat Bad For You? 7 Things You Need To Know

is wheat bad for you - wheat bread

-+*Do you know someone with celiac disease—that is, an extreme sensitivity to gluten? I remember my first time meeting someone with celiac disease. As they gazed longingly at the pizza I was eating, I remember thinking, “Man, I’m so glad I don’t have that.” JJ Virgin asks people to stop eating gluten, the main protein […]

Why You Should Eat Monk Fruit

monk fruit

-+*Have you heard of monk fruit? If you’re someone who likes to keep updated on the latest health trends, odds are that you have. The Dr. Oz Show and The Food Network have both recommended the fruit, while famous nutrition and fitness expert JJ Virgin uses monk fruit in her diet plan. But what’s the […]

Family Fitness Tips: 6 Ways to Get in Shape with Your Kids

family fitness tips - jumping jacks

-+*The school year is here and that means busier, bustling days. We interrupt our regularly unscheduled summer vacations of carefree bonding with kids and return to the structure of school programs and extra-curricular activities. It’s a sluggish notion to get back into the routine knowing there are few moments to spare for space, connection and […]

How to Get in Shape in 5 Simple Steps

get in shape - running shoes

-+*Do you know how to get in shape so you can look great and feel great, too? With new workout products and exercise fads coming out every week, it can be hard to know what you should do to stay fit and healthy. There’s just too many choices…what should I do??? So one thing to […]

Are These 5 “Healthy” Foods Making You Fat?

unhealthy food - soy latte

-+*Recently I was standing in line at my favorite coffee place with a friend who had earlier complained that despite her best efforts, she couldn’t lose weight. As I grabbed my hot green tea, I did a double take as I heard her order a low-fat apple cinnamon muffin and a “lite” soy latte. I […]

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