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Children of Older Fathers Live Longer


Delaying Fatherhood May Have Benefits for your Kids Research seems to show that delaying fatherhood will offer advantages for offspring. Children of older fathers may be genetically programmed to live longer. Scientists found that children born to fathers between the ages of late 30s to early 50s inherit longer ‘telomeres’ or tiny protective caps on […]

The Red Wine Controversy

red wine

Learn the Advantages and Disadvantages of Red Wine Looking for a way to unwind after a long day at work? Prior research has shown that drinking a glass of red wine daily may be good for your health, but now there are some who put that research into question. So what’s the truth?   A […]

Feeling Dirty? Get Clean with these “Good For You” Soaps


Cleaning with normal soap can damage your health. And unless you’re still living at home with Mom and Dad it’s time to upgrade from the brand you’ve been using as a kid. We’ll help you stand out from the crowd and support a healthy lifestyle and world by using these naturals soaps that do good for […]

Best Natural Shaving Products for Men


You know what you want from your shaving products; they should be easy to use, reasonably priced and allow for a close shave without making you look like you were attacked by an angry cougar.  Yes, both meanings of cougar apply here. And if your partner likes the smell and feel, well, that’s not a […]

Why You Should Use Natural Skincare Products

Toxic Hazard

Most men don’t realize that common skincare products contain toxic chemicals that can cause damage to your health. That’s right;  unless you’re using natural skincare products, the soaps, shampoo, lotions and shaving items in your medicine cabinet could be making you sick. According to Dr. Mercola of, these chemicals can cause all kinds of […]

Forget What Mom Said: Don’t Brush Your Teeth after Eating

don't brush your teeth

Research shows evidence that you shouldn’t brush your teeth within 30 minutes of eating a high-acid meal, otherwise you’re at risk of causing dental damage. According to the NY Times: “Acid attacks the teeth, eroding enamel and the layer below it, called dentin. Brushing can accelerate this process, said Dr. Howard R. Gamble, president of […]

Sitting Down Can Kill You, According to Several Studies

Portrait of an articulated skeleton on a bentwood chair

You know that eating right and exercising is important for your health. You also know that being successful in your career is important for your happiness. So you work hard, take care of your body, and have been moving up the corporate ladder. But guess what;  that day job of yours that has you locked […]

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