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The Benefits of Martial Arts

martial arts

If you’re looking for a way to improve your physical and mental health, while learning to defend yourself, you’ll want to explore the world of martial arts. Martial arts have evolved over the years in many different styles and disciplines. Styles range from Capoeira – a form of martial arts that blends with music and […]

14 Reasons You Can’t Sleep, and How to Fix Them

can't sleep

Can’t sleep? Avoid these 14 common problems so you can sleep better at night. Most people who can’t sleep look to add something to their routine, usually in the form of a pill. But the best solution to your sleep problem may be simply changing some of your nighttime habits. See a list of 14 […]

On Pins and Needles: The Benefits of Acupuncture


Imagine that you are lying on a table as someone sticks long, thin needles into you all over your body. Does this sound like a nightmare? Think again, it is a medical treatment option which is gaining in popularity. Acupuncture is a low-risk treatment option which can have some remarkable benefits for those suffering from […]

The Ultimate Guide to Help You Quit Smoking

quit smoking

Do you want to quit smoking, but just can’t seem to kick the habit? Learn why smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your health, along with tips on how you can beat the habit for good. Health Risks You know that cigarettes are bad for you, but how exactly does […]

Diabetes Facts: What You Need To Know

diabetes testing strip

With the growing rate of obesity in the United States and across the globe, diabetes has become a worldwide epidemic. An estimated 346 million people on Earth have diabetes based on a 2008 report, more than double the 153 million with the disease in 1980. In the United States alone, 26 million people have diabetes, […]

Benefits of ADHD: 10 Surprising Facts


Learn about the Surprising Benefits of ADHD Does ADHD make your day a struggle? It doesn’t have to; ADHD can be a blessing in disguise. People with ADHD may have never realized that many of the difficulties they face can actually be benefits. All it takes is a little self-knowledge and understanding of ADHD. ADHD […]

Natural ADHD Treatment


Alternatives to Medication when Managing Your ADHD Symptoms Adderall is often used as a treatment for ADHD but it does not come without a price. According to Neuropsychologist and co-founder of the Long Island ADHD Professionals Consortium (LIAPC) Kimberly Williams, “there can be some side effects, such as decreased appetite, changes in sleep patterns, headache, […]

Are Skin Patches a Less Painful Pain-Reliever?

25. colon-pain

Killer painkillers? It’s become a genuine concern with doctors and patients alike, thanks to recent research on the harmful side effects of common pain medications. In fact, even mild, over-the-counter drugs, like Ibuprofen, may cause serious damage to the stomach, kidneys, and heart –no doubt more painful than the headache or sprained ankle you hoped […]

Are Video Games Good for You?


The Benefits of Playing Video Games Casually Video games are just a waste of time, right? Wrong. Regardless of what you may have heard, playing video games can actually be good for you. Video games can have many beneficial effects when played in moderation. Video games have even been proven to increase the dexterity of […]

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

The Stethoscope

Perhaps you remember:  Your sweaty palms. Your racing heart, pounding all the way up to your ears. Your parched tongue, stumbling over the words. And this was just practice. . . in the mirror. You wouldn’t actually propose until the next day. But you did practice for that conversation. You probably practiced for many of […]

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