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How To Be Healthy in the New Year

be healthy - start diet today

-+*The holiday season is wrapping up, and with that, the time of year when many of us decide to make New Year’s resolutions that we hope will help improve our lives in one way or another. And for many people, resolutions focus on improved health and fitness. According to a recent MSN and Impulse survey, […]

3 Reasons To Try Complementary and Alternative Medicine

alternative medicine

-+*Long delegated to a bizarre sector of unconventional American medicine, alternative medicine has often been cast-off as something that’s too practical to efficiently alleviate health concerns. However, that mindset has been reversed, leading to the uncovering of a form of medicine that actually has significant value. Complementary and alternative medicine has proven a constructive and […]

5 Tips to Stay Healthy as You Get Older


-+*Getting older is not a sentence to a physically non-active lifestyle. Everything you once loved and had a passion for doing, and everything you dreamed of doing, is still within your reach. The key is to know your body, your limitations and utilize the tools that come standardly equipped. And by following a few simple […]

How To Prevent a Blood Clot

hillary clinton blood clot

-+*While blood clots in healthy people are designed to stop excessive bleeding and help wounds heal, they can be deadly when they happen unexpectedly without a natural cause. What is a Blood Clot? Blood clots occur naturally in the human body when blood is exposed to certain substances, most often found in the skin or […]

5 Steps to Avoid Bronchitis

george h w bush bronchitis

-+*President George H.W. Bush has been hospitalized for bronchitis, a relatively common illness that can affect anyone, young or old. If you want to avoid the coughing, wheezing, chest pain and discomfort bronchitis can cause, follow these tips. 5 Ways to Prevent Bronchitis Strengthen Your Lungs Your lungs can become stronger from an exercise as […]

Benefits and Risks of a Gluten-Free Diet


-+*In recent years, gluten-free diets have been the newest and hottest trend in weight loss. But what exactly is gluten, and is it good to have a diet free of it? Before you decide to hop on the bandwagon, you can find all you need to know about gluten-free diets right here. What Is Gluten? […]

Should You Get the Flu Vaccine?

flu vaccine

-+*Each year before flu season, millions of flu vaccines are shipped around the world to protect humans from contracting the deadly influenza virus. Despite the millions of Americans who receive the flu vaccination each year, there are some individuals who doubt its effectiveness and safety. In addition to discussing the numerous conspiracies and doubts surrounding […]

5 Cancer Causes Hiding in Your Home

cancer cause - medication

-+*The United States has been fighting a high-profile battle against cancer since President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act in 1971. Since then, the $100 million that Nixon initially allocated to find cancer’s cure has transformed into a billion dollar industry marked by hundreds of annual fundraisers, stockpiles of pink merchandise and a nationally […]

A Guide to the Many Benefits of Martial Arts

martial arts

-+*Martial arts have evolved over the years in many different styles and disciplines. Styles range from Capoeira – a form of martial arts that blends with music and dance – to Krav Maga – a martial arts form which focuses on dealing damage without a strict set of rules. Each martial arts style has its […]

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