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Why You Need More Sunlight: The Benefits of Vitamin D


Do you enjoy basking in the sun, but are scared to do it because of all the warnings you hear? While too much sun can be bad for your health, so can too little. Researchers at Central Washington University claim that 77% of people are vitamin D deficient because they don’t get enough sunlight. Vitamin D […]

How to Increase Sex Drive Naturally

sex drive

With careers, children, social responsibilities, and television, it can be hard to make time for intimacy, or even yet, to get in the mood. But don’t let a poor libido keep you from heating things up in the bedroom. We’ve compiled a list of the absolute best ways to increase sex drive…the natural way. But […]

11 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

american heart month - february

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women. But luckily it is preventable. So put down the cheeseburger, order a funny movie from Netflix, and read these 11 ways to keep your heart healthy for many years to come. 11 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy 1. Eat Healthy This […]

6 Surprising Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

lower blood pressure - meditate

If you’re looking for ways to have lower blood pressure, the timing couldn’t be better. Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 health problem in the United States today and is also a leading cause of death around the world. One million Americans die of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disorders every year. […]

Why Genes Don’t Determine Whether You’ll Get Cancer

palm print in snow

For years, genealogists have looked to genes as the be-all and end-all in the fight against cancer. They are, however, only one piece of a highly complex puzzle. Recent research shows that genes must be activated by concrete causes; they are not mystical beings that control our health destinies by themselves. Genes are thus something […]

5 Ways to Have Good Posture

good posture

Gaining good posture is one of the most underrated ways to instantly change your appearance, and in time, your health. Standing straight and square makes you look fitter and taller (and it improves your alertness and vitality to boot). But the effects aren’t just skin deep; over time, maintaining good posture will help keep your […]

7 Ways to Have More Energy All Day

get more energy

If you’re like me, you have less time to juggle more tasks these days. Those overwhelming responsibilities and demands can drain every ounce of energy before morning even ends. But there are things you can do to have more energy all day…without short-term stimulants like coffee and energy drinks. The Problem with Short-Term Stimulants I […]

6 Reasons to Shop at Your Local Farmers Market

farmer's market - carrots

It’s that time of year. Weekend farmers markets are popping up more and more in large cities and small towns across the globe. Whether you’ve never been or have only gone a few times, here are 6 reasons to shop at your local farmers market regularly. Why You Should Shop at Your Local Farmer’s Market […]

Beyond Shyness: When Social Anxiety Threatens to Take Over Your Life

social anxiety - water

Shyness… or social anxiety? Until recently, these terms were used interchangeably. It was thought that most socially awkward people had quirks which could be overcome with individual effort; otherwise, they were just “unfriendly,” with no interest in normal social activity. Today, however, researchers in psychology and neuroscience recognize social anxiety as a disorder which can […]

The Benefits of Friendship

benefits of friendship

Back in grade school, making new friends seemed so easy. All you needed was a few shared hobbies and values, and maybe a couple laughs on the playground, and an unbreakable bond would be forged. Friendship is no less important later in life; all manner of difficult experiences and awkward changes are easier to bear […]

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