Attention Working Dads: How to Balance Family and Your Career

The topic of balancing career and children is mostly talked about in mom circles. The term ”working mom” has become commonplace because of the shifting societal conventions that now encourage women to earn money and find self-fulfillment. The other side of that, however, is the constant need to explain how you can be both a good mom and have a career. Somehow, working dads escaped that trap. We got it easy. We can take the kids for an outing on the weekend and be showered with praise – as if it’s enough to remember that we even have kids.

As a dad you’re free to have a career, work late, travel, and do it all under the pretense of feeding your family. The pressure to do more dad stuff is fairly light. Parenting is not a hobby, though, and you do not babysit your own kids This leaves us, dads, with a great opportunity: To be better.

The Most Important Job a Working-Dad Can Have

If you’re still under the impression that your job is important, it’s time for you to rethink your priorities.

Your job may pay the bills, but unless you’re curing cancer or ending world hunger, the odds are that it in no way compares to your responsibilities as a father.

The difference you can make in the world as a dad is incredible, as are the rewards. You will be amazed by what you’ll learn as a father, and by what your children can accomplish on their own. Still, your children can accomplish so much more with your support and guidance – your role should not be optional.

If your child senses disinterest from you, they will instinctively reflect that back on themselves, believing that your unavailability was their fault.

This is just how it is and you don’t need a psychiatrist to tell you that. But, this is the last guilt trip, I promise. The purpose of being an active father is not to avoid guilt, but to have rich and interesting experiences which will leave you feeling happier and more fulfilled.

The idea is that any minute you spend paying positive attention to your kids is money in the universal bank of amazing things.

No need to be perfect, or even close

If you have babies or toddlers, good: they

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One thought on “Attention Working Dads: How to Balance Family and Your Career

  1. Great article. Eye opening, I’ve these same thoughts myself but to hear it from someone else is a reality check to say the least. As always Hanaan delivers his message like so few can.