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How to Network Like a Millionaire

network like a millionaire

*+-The recipe for financial success has many ingredients. Some ingredients are more important than others. But there is one ingredient that all wealthy people put in their success recipe all the time and in abundance: fanatical attention to developing strong, long-lasting relationships. Building valuable relationships is one of the cornerstones to financial success. Relationships must […]

How to Get Lucky With Money and Life

luck is in small things(42/365)

*+-Financial success is elusive. Financial success requires good luck. One of the most profound things that came out of the five-year research study that is the backbone of my financial success – a book helping people become financially independent – was the realization that wealthy people create their own good luck. The good luck created […]

4 Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career


*+-In my five-year research study on the daily habits of wealthy and poor individuals, I made a profoundly important discovery: wealthy individuals have far different daily habits than poor people. These differences are, in fact, the underlying cause of the wealth gap, an issue that has been politicized so often during the current presidential campaign. […]